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Great Last Minute Gifts! Our Top Digital DVD’s!

Great Last Minute Gifts! Our Top Digital DVD’s!


Tis the Season!  Christmas is around the corner and many of us are guilty of putting off our holiday shopping until the last days! Stores are selling out, people are going crazy and gifts are getting harder to find.  Many of us have to work overtime for the holidays and it can be difficult to find the time to go out and get gifts for all of our loved ones.  Sometimes ordering things online can also be busy during the holiday season and it can be anxiety inducing to put your hopes on your packages being delivered on time! So what is the solution?

Well, if you’re boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, son, daughter, or friend is a bjj fanatic, you’re on the right website!  We are the number one bjj DVD and Digital download distribution site and we make instructional DVD’s with all of Jiu Jitsu’s best athletes.  How nice would it be to be able to tell your loved one that you got them a private lesson with one of the best bjj athletes in the world?  It’d be amazing right?  Well, here is the thing, that’s hard to do, but what you can do is get them access to some of their best Digital Downloads and it would be just like a week’s worth of private lessons with them for only a tiny fraction of the cost!

Digital downloads are also the best gifts because there is no shipping time; you just get instant access to the DVD from the comfort of your laptop or computer!  All the Digital downloads are the exact same thing as the DVD’s they are all excellent quality and incredible.  So what are some of our bestselling DVD’s? Check some great options out below!

Craig Jones Down Under Leg Attacks

Our newest release is the Australian super star, Craig Jones DVD.  Yes it is available for digital down load like all of our DVD’s.  This DVD has been selling like CRAZY!  Rightfully so, Craig is one of the fastest rising superstars in the world.  We had a glimpse of his potential at his first EBI when he was able to submit two of the favorites there in Nathan Orchard, and Darragh O’Connell! Nobody had really heard of him up to this point and he was able to have an excellent performance. Where Craig really shined was at the 2017 ADCC Worlds in Finland.  He had arguably the best breakout performance out of anybody in history.  People are referring to him as the new Eddie Bravo. 

Craig was able to achieve the impossible when he submitted the favorite in his division, Leandro Lo, by way of submission.   Nobody thought that Craig could win against the 5x Black Belt World Champion except for Craig.  He knew that his skill set was going to carry him to victory and he had the confidence to shock the world.  After submitting Leandro Lo, Craig went onto submit another favorite in Murilo Santana.  Murilo is the head coach of Unity BJJ in New York City.  Craig was also able to defeat Chael Sonnen by submission! 

After his victories at ADCC he was able to go to another EBI and make it to the finals with ease.  He heel hooked everyone on his way there and met the King, Gordon Ryan in the finals.  He was inches away from capturing the submission in overtime on Gordon Ryan but just missed it! Craig is legit.  So what is his DVD on?  Well it is a 4 DVD set called “Down Under Leg Attacks” on his game changing leg lock system.  Craig has some of the best leg locks in the world and many people have given testimonials stating that this is the best guide available for leg locks today! Check it out and surprise your loved one with the gift of heel hooks!

Tom DeBlass Half Domination

If you don’t know the name Tom DeBlass you are either not involved in the MMA and BJJ community or you have been living under a rock! Tom is one of the best American competitors of all time and is also a UFC veteran.  He is the coach of Garry Tonon and a 3x ADCC veteran.  Tom has won the No Gi World Championships at Black Belt, the ADCC North American trials 3x, and many other prestigious grappling events.

Infamous for having one of the best no gi games in the world, his half guard is what he is recognized for.  Tom is a small guy when compared to the monsters that he grapples with.  He always does the heaviest weight division and has NEVER had his guard passed in a competition.   How does Tom do it? Well, his half guard concepts are second to none, he has one of the best frames and he is defensive with offense! Tom is one of the most well-rounded competitors.   

Tom’s DVD Half Domination is one of the best of our bestselling DVD’s ever! It is a 4 DVD Set all about the secrets of his half guard.  Tom is not only a world class competitor as a black belt but he is also a world class instructor. Many people who may be black belts in competition are only white belts when it comes to teaching.  Tom is also a black belt in teaching.  He is arguably one of the best instructors in the entire world.  He is able to articulate himself in ways that make learning easy.  He breaks down the technique into easy to learn concepts.  This Half Domination is the perfect gift for any bjj nerd!

Bernardo Faria Battle Tested Pressure Passing

Bernardo Faria is a 5x Black Belt World Champion, he also won the most prestigious title in the world, that being the Black Belt Open Class World Championship.  Bernardo is infamous for having one of the simplest games in the entire world.  People have always been dumbfounded by his ability to accomplish moves that all of his opponent’s know are coming.  He likes to play a half guard buck like Tom DeBlass and he is famous for having some of the most brutal pressure passing in the world.

Bernardo loves to play the Over-Under passing game.  This game is destructive to people who like to play those flexible and lanky guards like De La Riva, Reverse De La Riva, Spider Guard, and Lasso Guard.  Bernardo has always had the ability to shut every guard down with the same over-under passing sequence.   Nobody passes like Bernardo, not only is his passing simple, it is also extremely effective.

Bernardo’s game has always been extremely famous because people of all age, size, gender, height, weight, and skill level are able to incorporate it into their games easily.  His style does not require and strength, flexibility, acrobatics, or anything.  Anybody can do these simple movements.  This 4 DVD Set “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” is your best resource for learning how to pass any guard in the entire world!  This is one of our best selling DVD’S!


Bernardo Faria Battle Tested Half Guard

Bernardo also has a half guard DVD called Battle Tested Half Guard.  Unlike Mr. Tom DeBlass DVD this is a Gi DVD.  Bernardo is primarily a gi competitor. He has been attributed with having the best half guard in the history of Gi BJJ tournaments!  Much like Bernardo’s passing game, his half guard is also very simple to use and it is one of the best systems around!

This is the perfect gift for anybody who wants to learn a simple to use game that does not require a lot of energy, talent, or flexibility! Although this is a super technical half guard, it is also super simple and effective!  Check this DVD out today!


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