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Give The Gift of Passing

Give The Gift of Passing


It’s that time of year again and as the holiday season starts to come to a close many of us that were working overtime did not have the time to get our loved ones gifts! Now that we are so close to Christmas all of the stores are sold out and there is madness in the air!  What can we do to give our loved ones a thoughtful gift? Well, you can give those BJJ Fanatics the gift of guard passing! There is no greater gift.  We know what you’re thinking, you can’t order a DVD, it is too late and would never get there in time! Fear not, we have a solution here at bjj fanatics! All of our DVD’s are also available for Digital purchase, you will have access to the material directly after purchasing and it can be downloaded to your computer!

You can order Digital access to any DVD and get it right after you finish your order, this can be the perfect gift for anybody who is a Jiu Jitsu nerd.   Think about the idea of being able to provide a loved one who is in love with Jiu Jitsu the gift of a private lesson?  Getting our DVD’s is the exact same thing as a private lesson or seminar at only a fraction of the cost!  This is the way to go if you’re at a loss with what to get someone.

Today we are going to let you know what DVD’s we have that are best for learning to pass the guard.  Passing the guard can be one of the most difficult parts of bjj, it can be tiring, frustrating, and next to impossible when rolling with someone who has a good guard.   If you’re reading this and not too familiar with bjj but need a gift for a loved one, we will guide you in the right direction. Here are some of our best Passing DVD’s!

Bernardo Faria Battle Tested Pressure Passing

If you’re not familiar with Bernardo Faria, he is one of the most established Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors in the entire world.  He is a living legend.  Bernardo is a 5x Black Belt World Champion and has won the most prestigious title in BJJ, that being the Black Belt Open Class World Championship.  Bernardo is also one of the nicest people in bjj.  He is very outspoken and positive to be around.  Bernardo’s DVD set “Battle Tested Pressure Passing” is the perfect gift for anybody because Bernardo is infamous for teaching and using simple techniques that work for everybody of every age, size, weight, skill level, fitness level, and gender. 

Bernardo has had many people give testimonials discussing how much his techniques have changed their game, how easy they were to learn and how simple they are to implement.  Bernardo can pass any guard in the entire world and this is a great gift for anyone because it is authentic.  Not only is the technique very legitimate, it is also taught exceptionally well.  Bernardo is not only one of the best competitors he is also an excellent instructor.  Teaching is an art in itself and Bernardo is a black belt in teaching.

The Catch Wrestling Formula by Neil Melanson

This is one of our all-time best selling DVD’s.  Neil Melanson is one of the most established MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coaches of all time; Neil is the head coach of one of the most prestigious Mixed Martial Arts teams in the world, The Blackzillians.  Neil has a very good reputation among the UFC, bjj, and all of MMA.  He is a soft spoken and extremely nice guy, but he is one of the best grapplers on the entire planet.  Neil has been said to tap out Black Belt World Champions with ease in the academy, although he does not compete because he is passionate about teaching, many of the best competitors in the world go to learn from him.

Neil has a background in catch wrestling and he has an extremely unique perspective on grappling, this is what makes him so dangerous.  He has a deep understanding of body mechanics and technique and he uses unorthodox moves that catch his opponent’s by surprise.   Neil has been said to be the baddest man on the planet from UFC Veteran, Chael Sonnen.  Vitor Belfort, who is a former UFC champion said that Neil has the best triangle choke on the entire planet.  Neil actually wrote an entire book on the triangle choke.

What about his guard passing?  Well, Neil has some of the best passing in the world.  He uses concepts to teach his unique perspective on grappling and makes things easy to learn.  He will take a technique that you already know and break it down for 20 minutes and bring your level of understanding deeper than you ever thought.  This is a great gift for any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lover!

Old School Crushing Pressure & Submissions by Murilo Bustamante

Murilo Bustamante is one of the original gangsters in bjj!  He is one of the first ever UFC fighters and one of the first ever Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions!  Murilo has a very “old school” and unique perspective on things when it comes to bjj.  Murilo uses a lot of pressure to pass his opponent’s guard which makes it very easy to learn.

A lot of people today use very elusive and acrobatic guard passing that can be very difficult to learn because it requires a lot of athleticism.   This loose style of passing is very good but it is also very difficult for some people to learn and it can be discouraging when you want to learn certain techniques and it is not easy to do because you are not flexible or because you are not as athletic as these young guys!  Murilo Bustamante has a slow and methodical approach to passing the guard.  He uses a lot of old school principals that are easy to adapt to your game.

High Level Fundamentals by Gregor Gracie

Gregor Gracie is one of the best competitors in the world and he also comes from the Gracie lineage of Jiu Jitsu which is a lot about using fundamentals at high levels.  High Level Fundamentals is a 4 DVD set that will make you rethink how good your fundamentals actually are.  He understands basic ideologies that many people often overlook.  This is because of his roots.

Gregor is one of the most underrated bjj competitors there is.  He has shared the mat with so many champions and he has had success.  He even gave the greatest of all time, Marcelo Garcia a good match.

High Level Fundamentals by Gregor Gracie Digital Down Load


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