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Counting Down Our 5 Best Free Technique Videos of 2017

Counting Down Our 5 Best Free Technique Videos of 2017


Here at BJJ Fanatics we produce a lot of bjj technique DVD’s, in doing so we try to put out at least 2-3 free techniques from each DVD that we are going to release.  This year we were able to make DVD’s with so many of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s greatest minds, competitors, instructors, and legends.  Our mission is to be able to provide everybody with world class instruction.  So many of us are not able to train with all of the best in the world or we may just have people we try to emulate, with instructional videos and DVD’s we can all adapt world class techniques.  So let’s take a look at some of the best free technique videos of 2017!

5) Luis Heredia Cross Choke From Closed Guard

This is off of Luis Heredia’s DVD “Pure Jiu Jitsu” which can be found below. If you are not familiar with Luis Heredia, you may have been living under a rock, or you may not have been training that long.  We could write a whole article on him, in fact, we have, check it out here.  Luis is one of Rickson Gracie’s oldest students and black belts.  He is referred to as Rickson Gracie’s hit man, long story short, he trained in Brazil with Rickson during a time when people would come in and challenge Rickson to a fight.  Rickson would tell them to fight Luis, and if they got through him, he would accept their challenge, no one ever got through Luis.   Luis is an old school expert, and loves the simple and effective Jiu Jitsu.  This video made our top 5 because he breaks down one of the most basic moves with extreme detail.  Check out his Cross Choke below.


Luis Heredia’s 4 DVD Set Pure Jiu Jitsu

4) Crazy Inside Heel Hook Set Up from Craig Jones

This is from Craig Jones new DVD “Down Under Leg Attacks.”  This has actually been our bestselling DVD ever, it is due to the fact that Craig is a Jiu Jitsu’s biggest rising star, and the obsession with lower body attacks.  This DVD has been deemed the holy grail of heel hook instructional DVD’s and is the best there is on leg locks.  Craig had a rapid race to fame after his amazing breakout performance at this year’s 2017 ADCC Worlds in Finland where he was able to submit 5x Black Belt World Champion, Leandro Lo.  He also has competed at 2 EBI tournament’s and done EXTREMELY well, recently he made it to the finals after submitting everyone with heel hooks only to lose to Gordon Ryan (who outweighs him) in the finals. Check out his set up for this heel hook below.

Craig Jones 4 DVD Set Down Under Leg Attacks

3) Knee Ride, Cross Mount and Back by Chris Haueter

This is from Chris Haueter’s DVD “Old School Efficient BJJ.”  Chris Haueter is one of the first ten Americans to ever receive a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He has been a black belt since 1996.  Chris is one of the pioneers of bjj and has been infamous for his old school and efficient bjj.  Chris loves to be on top, his only rule of grappling is to stay on top.  This is from his old school mentality, he tells his students not to get captivated by the guard.  The only reason Chris is on bottom is to sweep his opponent and when doing so he is able to come up on top, pass, and get the submission.  He is a firm believer in position before submission.  In this video below he breaks down some fundamental positions with excellent detail and makes many of us rethink how to use these positions.  Check it out.

Chris Haueter 4 DVD Set Old School Efficient BJJ

2) Omoplata From Closed Guard Grabbing The Sleeve

This is from Bernardo Faria’s new DVD Set “Omoplata Everyone.”  Bernardo Faria is one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s most accomplished competitors.  He is a 5x Black Belt World Champion and has won everything that there is to win.  He even won the most prestigious tournament in BJJ which was the Black Belt Open Class World Championship.  Bernardo is infamous for having a very simple and effective game.  He likes the over-under pass and the half guard.  Although his game is so simple and his opponent’s know what he is trying to do, they are never able to stop it.  This is the beauty of his Jiu Jitsu.  Although Bernardo is known for these techniques, he actually has the best omoplata in BJJ, that’s right, the best.  He won the 2010 Pan Am Black Belt Open Class Final with an omoplata.  When he conducts seminars all over the world, many of them are on the omoplata and he always Rolls with the participants after and omoplata’s everyone.  Check out his variation of the closed guard omoplata below and see what you think.

Bernardo Faria Omoplata Everyone 4 DVD Set

1) Half Guard Frame – How to Prevent The Guard pass by Tom DeBlass

Coming in at number 1 is Tom DeBlass Half Guard frame video which is fromhis DVD Set “Half Domination.”  This video has over 20,000 views and for very good reason.  Tom DeBlass is one of the most accomplished American Competitors in bjj today; he is Garry Tonon’s coach and the owner of OCBJJ.  Tom is infamous for playing the half guard and having great success against much larger opponent’s.  Tom is not only one of the best competitors but he is also one of the best instructor’s in the world.  This shows through his star pupil, Garry Tonon who has been winning everything that there is to win.  In this video below, Tom does an EXCELLENT job of breaking down fundamental and basic principles of preventing the pass in the half guard.  Although it is very basic, he breaks down extremely advanced details of the position.   Check it out below.

Tom DeBlass 4 DVD Set Half Domination

So there you have it guys, these are just a subjective opinion and there were no polls taken to decide what are top 5 are, but this is just a diverse selection of videos.  Here at BJJ Fanatics we have so much content to choose from, no matter what guard you play, what positions you like, or what submissions you like, you will find something to adapt to your game and improve it!  We have plenty of free techniques on our Youtube channel. 


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