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BJJ Instructors: Detach and Experience your Culture

BJJ Instructors: Detach and Experience your Culture


Instructors Should Take Time to Appreciate Their Academies

As BJJ instructors it’s our job to give. WE share our knowledge, and we create stepping stones for our students that are sturdier then the ones we came in on. Our goal is to cultivate better practitioners than we ever were, or will become.

We strive to set examples for our students, displaying the willingness to lead, and to do the things we ask our students to do, showing belief in our own teachings and abilities. It’s important that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our students, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be standing.

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But there is something critical that we need to do from time to time. Take the opportunity to step back for a moment and gaze at the room. Watch your students train with each other, watch them interact, ponder their progression, and take in the vibe.

It’s so easy to be swallowed up by all the activity inside your academy. After all, it’s our livelihood and were there to facilitate, help, guide, and evaluate daily. But there are moments, perhaps during live training, when there’s no one at the front desk to assist, and nothing particularly urgent that needs your attention. Here there lies a space in time for you to quietly watch over your tribe. Savor these moments. Look how far your students have come. A beautiful culture has risen from the efforts of everyone involved at your academy. Hopefully it’s a culture you’re proud of and take great pride in.

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Make it a priority to detach once in a while and look on with gratitude over what’s developed inside your academy. Sometimes its just what we need to remind us that all the hard work, all the giving, and all of the hours have amassed into something more special than we could have ever imagined.

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