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Missed UFC 229?

Missed UFC 229?


UFC 229! I was tuned in, were you? If so you enjoyed some great matches leading up to the main event. One of my favorite female MMA fighters Michelle “Karate Hottie” Waterson was first to secure a win on the Main Event Card by defeating Felice Herrig in Round 3 Of a 3 Round Match by a unanimous decision which put her center ring with Joe Rogan emotionally expressing her desire to be “the first UFC Champion who is a mom” showing off her talents as a well rounded MMA warrior I have no doubt her mission will be accomplished.


A come from behind victory for Derrick Lewis in which he landed a punch that with 11 seconds left of the fight, found his opponent Alexander Volkov down on the mat warding off the brutal pounding of Lewis’ fists. The fight was stopped by the referee and an exhausted Lewis immediately stripped off his pants, when asked by UFC commentator Joe Rogan why he took off his pants, he without hesitation explained his reasoning to  which Mr. Rogan simply expressed understanding.

That interview,  for that and so may other comments made by Lewis was the most humorous part of the night by far.

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The 3rd fight of the Main Card found Dominick Reyes walking off after what he felt was a knockout punch to his opponent Ovince Saint Preux which came at the final moments of the fight, ultimately sending the fight to the judges for the decision. There was no doubt the victory was going to the still undefeated Reyes.

Crediting Saint Preux with being the “toughest guy” he faced in his career he quickly countered with a confident, “in the end, I was just too much” statement. Moving forward he is going to sit down with his team and figure out what’s next, I have a feeling His climb to the top will be worth watching.  


The Co Main Event paired up Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis in a fight that makes me go ummm…it was an absolute blood bath. A cut to the head of Pettis by a Ferguson elbow and several punches and kicks later the two were drenched in each others blood. The fighters went blow for blow and kick for kick in a match that had everyone including me on the edge of our seat. This is what most people want to see in UFC match ups, the blood sweat and tears of competitors going at it to the brutal end. This fight however ended in an anti climatic turn of events. Between round 2 and Round 3 Anthony Pettis informed his corner that he thought his hand was broken. With the experience of his corner and the compassion they have for their fighter, the decision to throw in the towel was made. That was that, and Ferguson can be seen sitting and crying in the center ring as the victor in what was an incredible battle leaving us all a little disappointed it was over.

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Khabib – McGregor! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Some may have only started watching just as this fight unfolded. Scheduled for 5 rounds, the fighters take the ring to settle the score between the two camps for battles outside the ring as well as the matchup drawing so many of us to our tv screens. With Conor strutting about and Khabib pounding his chest, these two are ready!


Round 1 found Conor with an early attempt at a take down, but with  Khabibs’ outstanding grappling abilities, he  was able to scramble to his feet and counter that attempt putting Conor in a seated position and just as he landed a huge right hand, the first round came to a close.


The 2nd round was no better for Conor as it was the most dominant round for Khabib, landing punches to Conor’s jaw who was able to for a moment rise up to send a knee to Khabibs’ face only to be taken quickly taken down and mauled by the heavy hand and elbow of Khabib for the remainder of the round.


Conor had showed his Irish Pride and stubbornness as the two fighters met in round 3. Outboxing Khabib and pulling off 2 of 3 takedowns in his best round of the night, it didn’t prove to be enough.


Coming into Round 4 with almost no energy left due to spending much of the fight on his back and not wanting to be mounted by Khabib, Conor turned and Khabib was able to secure his back which led to him applying a rear naked choke which for abrief moment Conor thought tap, no, and then finally he decided enough was enough and tapped.  

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That fight like many others of the night should have been followed up with a post interview with Joe Rogan and the Victor instead it ended with a melee as Khabib hopped the cage fence and went after Dillon Danis,  Conor’s Jiu Jitsu Coach, all while some of the members of Khabib's support system went after Conor who was still sitting in the octagon. There was confusion everywhere. Drama following a night of spectacular fights in an event that was viewed by millions! Questions were raised and answers are yet to be given. Will Khabib be stripped of the title? Will this feud ever end? The UFC draws so many people in with this kind of energy. Is it all for show? Is it all real? Will you tune in at UFC 230 or will you have other plans that night?


All I can say is l, You won’t find that kind of drama in The BJJ world BJJ athletes, bump fists, high five, grapple, and whether we tap or get tapped, we hug our opponent for a well executed match, and go back to training with those in which we share the mats


Good sportsmanship is a victory in itself and many of those UFC 229 fighters know that.  There are however those that fuel the fire that keep us tuning in…See you at UFC 230…?

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