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How Good Is Conor McGregor's BJJ?

How Good Is Conor McGregor's BJJ?


Conor McGregor was featured on “The Exchange” yesterday. An energy filled and focused McGregor discussed everything from the birth of his son to Muhamad Ali’s daughter comparing McGregor to her father. There was deep sense of determination and fire in his words, and he is no doubt filled with anticipation for his up-coming challenge this weekend at UFC 229. It’s a great interview, and you can see it here:

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McGregor predicts a knockout in the first round against Khabib, but makes mention that he hopes there will be grappling exchanges. McGregor is of course well known for his knockout power, but may be extremely underrated when it comes to his BJJ game.

In this short video, we have a look at a few of McGregor’s standout grappling moments, narrated by some of the most recognizable figures is the combat world. Give it a look!

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In the interview with “The Exchange”, McGregor discusses feeling disrespected for being touted as a fighter that only possesses a heavy left hand. Many times, the grappling pedigrees of fighters that do have a history of great stand up get overlooked. McGregor’s BJJ appears to be quite solid, and his defensive grappling measures are definitely on point, but we have yet to experience much in the realm of BJJ offense from the champ. McGregor to date has no submission victories in the UFC.

As BJJ fans, we’re always looking for an exciting grappling scenario to break down during a UFC fight. The ground aspect of the bout intrigues us, gives us insight into a familiar world, and it’s just plain interesting to get a peek at the BJJ level of some if the worlds most elite fighters.

We can’t say for sure if Conor and Khabib’s fight will make it to the canvas, but we can hope!

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