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ADCC European Trials Are Almost Here

ADCC European Trials Are Almost Here


Who will secure the first spots in 2019 ADCC Worlds

This weekend on October 6th ADCC season officially begins with the first of the European Trials.  The event is being held in Bucharest, Romania and is drawing athletes from all over the region. 

The ADCC World Championships is widely considered to be "the Olympics" of grappling with athletes from all over the world vying for their opportunity to represent their home countries and regions in the sports most prestigious event.  Athletes are able to secure their spot at the world championship via a win at a trials event or by being invited by ADCC.  Trials are held in four different regions across the globe, namely Europe, Asia, North and South America.

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One of the standout athletes expected to do well at this event is Poland's own Adam Wardzinski.  The butterfly guard expert is looking to represent his home country and earn his place at the world championships in 2019.  Who will you be rooting for at this European Trials event?  

Don't forget that in less than a month, the first of two ADCC North American Trials events will take place in New Jersey, organized by the one and only Tom DeBlass.  

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