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Tom DeBlass' Message to ADCC North American Trials Competitors

Tom DeBlass' Message to ADCC North American Trials Competitors


Tom DeBlass is a world class competitor, coach, instructor, Academy owner and leader of a growing jiu jitsu affiliation with nearly 20 schools worldwide.  He has been instrumental in the development of fellow grappling wizards, his black belt Garry Tonon and Garry's student Gordon Ryan.  Besides being a UFC, Bellator and Ring of Combat MMA veteran retiring with a 9-2 record, he is also a three time winner of the ADCC North American Trials.  This event holds a special place in his heart because it is the event that is open to everyone that with a win, an athlete's dreams of competing on the largest stage in grappling, the ADCC World Championships can be secured.

For the second straight year, Tom DeBlass is adding Event Coordinator to the long list of hats he wears as he hosts the North American Trials at his alma mater Central Regional High School in Bayville, New Jersey.  Check out the video that Tom shared exclusively with BJJ Fanatics below and get over to  and get yourself signed up.  If you're a competitor, you cannot miss this!

Take Tom's message to heart as someone who has stepped on the platform of the Trials and been able to secure his place at the World Championships.  As he states, all you need is one good day.  Go have it. 

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