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Law Enforcement Officer Subdues Suspect Without Inflicting Harm: What you Might Not Know

Law Enforcement Officer Subdues Suspect Without Inflicting Harm: What you Might Not Know


If you keep yourself informed on the most current events in the BJJ community, you’ve probably seen the recent video of a police officer masterfully controlling a suspect from the mount position. The video surfaced on social media and caught fire, drawing the attention of BJJ practitioners and academies across the nation. It’s been shared and viewed thousands of times over the past few days.

What you may not know, is that the officer in the video is a black belt in BJJ under Professor Tom DeBlass, named Ruben Alvarez.

You can view the video here:

We talk about the importance of law enforcement training BJJ all the time. Week in and week out, we’re exposed to videos of this nature. Many times, these kinds of encounters do not go well for either party.

What stands out in this video compared to other videos you’ve seen of LE apprehending a suspect? No one was hurt. There was no deadly force of any kind implemented in the process of subduing this man. Why? Because this officer is a high level BJJ practitioner. He is well versed in the elements of control and has the ability to successfully control a conflict without inflicting harm to the suspect and also keep himself safe.

This is yet another great example of BJJ applied in the LE setting. Well done Ruben!


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