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The Kimura for Law Enforcement. Know the Mechanics, Understand it’s Power.

The Kimura for Law Enforcement. Know the Mechanics, Understand it’s Power.


Law enforcement and martial arts, the two seem to go hand in hand. One would assume that anyone whose job on a day to day basis may include having to subdue another human would be provided with lots of training on the subject. Yet, this is not always the case. Many LE officers go their entire careers without ever being exposed to BJJ. Although most LE officers are not required to pursue extra self defense training, there are many who have elected to study BJJ to better their understanding of managing conflict and physical altercation. BJJ lends itself magnificently to LE applications of all kinds.

One of the more common techniques we might see being utilized by LE is the kimura, not just the traditional BJJ application, but the mechanics of manipulating the arm to get the cooperation needed to make an arrest. In this video,Jiu Jitsu Cop, Brian James, demonstrates a method of apprehension with the use of the mechanics of the kimura. He uses a steel baton to release the arm when the suspect is not cooperating,  keeping his arms inaccessible to a cuffing situation. This technique alone is reason enough to make understanding the basic principles of BJJ a priority in LE training.

If you know someone who’s involved in the LE field, expose them to BJJ. Encourage them to find an academy or bring them to yours. Chances are, they will see the benefits immediately. And if they don’t you will have, at the very least, planted a seed that may spark interest later in their career. We all want to see our friends on the mat with us, but our friends in LE need the exposure and encouragement more than anyone!

For more instruction specific designed for law enforcement personnel, check out Jay Wadsworth's "Hybrid Control Tactics" available from BJJ Fanatics.  You can get it here!




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