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The Number One Young Gun:  Mikey Musumeci

The Number One Young Gun: Mikey Musumeci

 Michael "Mikey" Musumeci is arguably the most successful representative of the "modern style" of BJJ.  At just 22 years of age, he has already won the prestigious IBJJF World Championships at black belt twice, the first time during his first year at black belt.  But winning world championships was something he's been used to having won titles at juvenile and also every single color belt on his way to black.

He along with his sister Tammi live and train out of Nevada and are part of the Caio Terra Jiu Jitsu Association.  Previously, they had a strong connection to the Mendes Brothers and represented the Atos flag, but in a surprising change, made the announcement to move to CTA in 2016.  Both Mikey and Tammi have plans to pursue careers in law after jiu jitsu, but for now they are training and attending school.

In the short documentary film below, you will get a glimpse of Mikey's story.  Check it out below.  And be on the lookout for an upcoming BJJ instructional from Mikey soon at BJJFanatics.com.

One of Mikey's toughest challenges and one of the sports most exciting match ups is between him and Joao Miyao over the years.  As you wait for Mikey's instructional to come out, check out the Miyao Brothers Berimbolo and Beyond here at BJJ Fanatics.