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Never Lose Back Control Again

Never Lose Back Control Again


John Danaher is back at BJJ Fanatics with his VERY soon to be released back control and submission system.  In the second of our preview videos, Danaher demonstrates some very important concepts that will turn you into that back pack you've always wanted to be when attacking the back.  With notable students like Travis Stevens, Gordon Ryan and Garry Tonon, this may just be the guy to fix all of your back attack woes.

Never before have these simple, seemingly obvious, but always missed details and concepts been so methodically layed out for students.  This release is going to save you YEARS of trial and error and have you strangling your friends and opponents in no time.

Check out the video below and then lets discuss some of the key concepts.  Enjoy!

 If you haven't figured it out by now with the other John Danaher release Leglocks:  Enter the System, it's a good idea to have a notebook, because he's not only going to break down every nuance of his back strangulation game that the Danaher Death Squad continually make fine use of in their submission grappling events, but he's going to have you rethinking everything you know through his perspective and conceptual paradigms.

The important concepts, or core preliminaries of his straight jacket system or rear mount in general involve being able to control their movement with minimum effort.  This boils down to two concepts, "Left/Right Control" and "Diagonal Control".

Left/Right Control

For Danaher, we must be able to control the opponent's ability to turn their bodies, whether left and right, in a manner which essentially nullifies the back mount position if the opponent is able to turn far enough.  By using a controlling hand grip, we may be able to control their turn to one side, but unless we properly secure an overhook across and over the shoulder, we will not do anything to stop the turn in the opposite direction.  The opponent will be able to spin into us, thereby escaping the back mount.

Diagonal Control

In this concept, Danaher explains we must be always cognizant that we are not attempting to control an opponent only on one side.  In the example of having a controlling hand controlling one direction of revolution, unless we have a hook with our leg over the opposing hip, as opposed to the same side hip, we will not be able to prevent them from escaping the back.  Our points of control must criss-cross diagonally to ensure that they remain trapped and vulnerable to strangle.  If not, we will be scrambling to keep them locked down.

By only making use of these two ideas, you can begin to examine what you already know about rear naked chokes and other back attacks and begin to improve the chances that you will be able to land those submissions.  These two ideas will also help become building blocks for further paradigm shifts from Danaher as you begin to dive deeper into his system.

While you wait for the Back System to be released in the coming days, if you haven't already checked out John Danaher's seminal "Leg Locks:  Enter the System" series, now's your chance.  Chock full of nearly 10 hours of concepts, techniques and philosophic musings, this instructional will have you wearing a rashguard 24/7 and striking fear in the heart of your training partners and opponents in no time!  Get it here at BJJ Fanatics.






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