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BJJ for Law Enforcement


The elements that make jiu jitsu so valuable for every person, make it absolutely indispensable for the law enforcement professionals out there.  Whether the casual practitioner came to learn self defense techniques or simply get in shape, there will always be additional benefits beyond what initially brought us into the academy.  For law enforcement professionals, the everyday potential for violent interactions is far greater than your average BJJ students.  The skills they learn could potentially be called upon in nearly every interaction they have with the public, whereas most of us will thankfully never have to put our skills to the test in a real life scenario.

In the video below, world champion BJJ athlete Bernardo Faria sits down with Nick Pollaro a former police officer and a current physical tactics instructor for law enforcement in Indiana.  He also owns and operates his own martial arts academy in Indiana.  Bernardo asks Nick to discuss why he thinks jiu jitsu is so essential for police offers and other emergency personnel to learn.  Check it out below and we'll discuss after.

 For Nick Pollaro jiu jitsu offers invaluable opportunities for law enforcement to be put in high pressure situations where they can get pushed, feel tired, and learn to work themselves out.  This process of undergoing repeated doses of stress will help to inoculate the officers to the incredible stress that they would undergo during any physical or violent confrontation in the line of duty.

BJJ training allows them to create scenarios and essentially role play physical confrontations, making it possible to develop the skills to deal with the threats in a safe manner and to game plan best practices for making sure the situation is handled properly and all involved are safe.  People who have never felt the claustrophobic feeling that having someone on top of you can create, will be more likely to panic, gas out, and possibly be hurt in these scenarios.  Jiu jitsu gives them the ability to deal with these situations easily.

Jiu Jitsu training also gives a solid framework of techniques that provide the maximum control of the opponent.  In the example Nick uses on Bernardo, he sets up a classic Americana armlock but with a slight grip modification that allows him to pressure Bernardo into rolling over into a situation where he can be controlled and in this mock scenario, be cuffed and detained safely.

For more techniques designed for law enforcement professionals to perform their duties with the utmost safety, check out Jay Wadsworth's "Hybrid Control Tactics" available here at BJJ Fanatics!





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