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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, It’s Only Human

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, It’s Only Human


Humans. We’re meant to move. We are hardwired with the need to survive. Which means hunting, gathering, walking long distances, fighting, lifting things, etc. We all have these inherent instincts within us. Hunting and gathering? Maybe it looks a little different nowadays. We’re not walking around naked pulling berries off of bushes and killing wildebeests for lunch, but yes, the survival-driven daily grind that pushed us to live on years ago is still alive inside of every single one of us.

In a time where you can sit on your couch and order a loaf of bread to your doorstep from your phone, while playing a video game, and enjoying a giant tub of ice cream, it may seem like we’ve been pretty far removed from using our primal instincts as a part of our everyday life. And it’s true, the world has been made very simple for all of us. If you never wanted to leave your house for anything at all, you could probably opt to do so. Modern conveniences have made our culture take on a much different shape. It’s weakened us and pulled us further from our roots.

I sometimes refer to BJJ as a “voluntary struggle.” It’s something we choose to add to our lives. It’s a Rubik’s cube that we elect to place in front of ourselves and proceed to figure out. BJJ will enrich your life in countless ways. It provides many of the fundamental aspects of being human, even if you may not be aware, fighting is in our blood. It’s a very pure human instinct. And so is community, camaraderie, group effort, and connection with others. Does any of this sound familiar?

Your BJJ practice, your academy, your team mates, your willingness to come back day after day and proceed to chip away at your craft: These things all make us a little more human. Modern day life has stripped us of the prehistoric life experience, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to seek it out. If you train, you’ve already got a leg up on most. Not everyone will take the opportunity or answer the call. You are part of a small community of people who have tapped into an undercurrent of what being human is really about. Take pride in that. Be grateful that someone brought you into the BJJ world, and maybe you can be the person that does it for someone else.

If you're ready to tap into the half guard destruction of Gabriel Procopio, check out his two volume "Half Guard Destruction" and learn all of the techniques he learned forged in the fires of training partners like Bernardo Faria's half guard.




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