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Tripod Half Guard Pass with Gabriel Procopio

Tripod Half Guard Pass with Gabriel Procopio


One of the biggest light bulbs that eventually goes off after quite a bit of time training is that sometimes forward is not the best way to go forward when executing a pass.  When you come to the end of your life and your life plays back for you, hopefully you don't have to experience all of the wasted time you spent trying to power through a good half guard players knee shield and frames.

Understanding that lateral movement and sometimes, heaven forbid, backing up can actually be the way we want to go in order to pass someone's guard will go a long way to helping you go from being constantly stuck in the guard to someone who is able to assess the obstacles and work more efficiently to get around them.

In the video below, BJJ black belt and long time training partner of Bernardo Faria, Gabriel Procopio shows an extremely simple half guard pass which bypasses the knee shield completely and nullifies it relatively easily.  Check it out below.

When facing the knee shield, Gabriel uses a strong leg lace grip and uses his free arm to reach for the lapel of the opponent to immobilize the upper body.  He will then tripod his legs straightening the leg that's trap in half guard essentially popping it free and allowing him to walk around and complete the pass to side control.  

This pass should be a fundamental half guard pass for your game.  For more Half Guard Destruction, check out Gabriel Procopio's instructional series of the same name.  You can get it here from BJJ Fanatics!




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