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Half Guard Pass Using Opposite Under Hook by Jake Mackenzie

Half Guard Pass Using Opposite Under Hook by Jake Mackenzie

Jake MacKenzie is one of the most successful Canadian jiu jitsu athletes in history.  This prolific competitor is a black belt under Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu and has built a extremely deep competition resume specializing in half guard and reverse half guard.

In the technique below, he shares one of his favorite half guard passes with Bernardo Faria.  Pay attention to the key detail that makes this pass extremely effective.  Check it out below.

 The primary detail of this pass that makes it so powerful is Jake's use of the opposite under hook (the nearside) instead of the classic under hook (farside) that is used to flatten our opponents.  By giving up the under hook that the bottom half guard player desires, Jake forces them to open the nearside under allowing the pass to begin.

For more on the half guard techniques of Jake MacKenzie, check out "High Precision Half Guard" Vol 1 and Volume 2 available from BJJ Fanatics.  The time Jake spent studying and training in Brazil got him connected to some of the early experts of half guard and he has taken it to the next level.  Check it out today!