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Can you still advance in BJJ on a limited schedule? Of course! But you’ll need discipline.

Can you still advance in BJJ on a limited schedule? Of course! But you’ll need discipline.


Can you practice BJJ as a hobby and still become a proficient player? Everyday our Facebooks and Instagrams are packed with content revealing intense and grueling training sessions, workouts, and new and innovative techniques. It’s inspiring, but it can also be overwhelming. It can lead to us putting pressure on ourselves and feeling inadequate in our pursuit of a higher level of BJJ success. What if time is not an abundant resource in your case?

All of us have different goals, and we all want to achieve a certain level in our training. We all have varying schedules and lifestyles, and the challenge of making BJJ fit into our routine can be daunting. The mega stars of our art have given everything to their craft. To achieve the highest levels of competitive success they sacrifice a great deal. If this is what you want, by all means, go get it. Just be aware that you will have to expect more from yourself than you ever have before.

One of the number one questions I get at the academy is, “Can I get good if I’m only training a couple days a week?”

The answer, yes. We all love BJJ, and nothing would thrill us more to be on the mat as much as the heroes we look up to. But sometimes this is just not feasible. I always recommend that students try to attend class an average of 3 days a week. But if 2 or 1 is all that’s possible, you can still make headway, and enjoy the process. Here are a few tips for anyone looking to get the most out of your training with a limited schedule:

Time Crunch Tip 1

If you can only train once or twice a week, try to choose a day where your academy offers multiple classes. This will help maximize what you’re learning and your time on the mat. Attending two consecutive classes and then getting a few rounds in before you leave is a great day of training.

Time Crunch Tip 2

Seek out a higher rank to do your drilling with. This can be crucial in getting the most out of your mat time, and it’s beneficial for both parties. The upper rank needs the reminders and reinforcement, and you need a good partner to help you hammer out some smooth technique.

Time Crunch Tip 3

Ask questions. I cannot stress this enough. If you have limited time, and you don’t ask questions, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Some of your biggest conundrums could be solved by simply asking a question.

Time Crunch Tip 4

Be disciplined. This is paramount. When you find a schedule that works for you, commit to it, and accept no excuses. This is your time, and if it’s limited, don’t let anyone take it from you, and don’t sabotage yourself by lacking discipline. If you fall short on your goals, you only have yourself to blame.

Author Ken Blanchard, life-management expert, says, “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. If you are interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” This is powerful. Ask yourself if you are interested or committed.

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