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Half Guard Kimura Series from Lachlan Giles

Half Guard Kimura Series from Lachlan Giles


Lachlan Giles is one of the premiere grapplers from the land down under and is a Coach and teammate of Craig Jones.  In the video below, he breaks down his use of the kimura grip as a set up for a variety of other positions.  For modern day no gi masters like Lachlan, the kimura has become much more than just a submission.  It has become an entire system of interconnected techniques and sweeps that will have your opponents terrified if you lock on a kimura grip.  Take a look at his half guard kimura series below.  Enjoy!

One of the most common downsides or counters to the kimura trap from half guard is the opponent's ability to step over and around and potentially arm bar you.  Lachlan shares a great tip where he maintains upward pressure into the hip, establishing a frame in the hip that prevents them from dropping their hips and stepping over for the arm lock.

Next he demonstrates how to open up the kimura when the opponent has passed and is hunkered down unable to go for the arm lock.  In this case, Lachlan maintains the kimura grip and comes to a north/south style position and works to invert back placing his foot on the same side hip as the arm he has in the kimura.  Then by turning back in, he creates a powerful lever to allow the kimura to be secured and their arm pulled away from their body.

This video is jammed packed with more high level kimura trap series attacks and sweeps.  Check it out a few times and start adding these attacks to your game.  For more from Lachlan Giles, check out High Percentage Chokes:  No Gi available here at BJJ Fanatics!





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