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Kimura Back Takes

Kimura Back Takes


The kimura is often perceived solely as a submission.  In reality, the kimura is so much more.  The grip is extremely powerful and can be used for submissions, sweeps, back takes, passing, and even more than that.  The kimura grip is one of the most versatile positions in bjj.

Why do so many people use the kimura grip?  Because it provides so much leverage and opportunity, the kimura grips is an incredible way to control your opponent.  Check out our article “Using the Kimura Grip to Control your Opponent.”  Today, we discuss using the kimura primarily as a back take.  The kimura can be used to take the back from passing, or from the bottom.

The Kimura Back Take while Passing

The kimura grip can be used to take the back so many different ways.  One of the most infamous uses of the kimura is the “rolling back take.”  Popularized by Garry Tonon, Gordan Ryan, and other bjj superstars, this technique has been proven effective.  The rolling back take with the kimura grip is extremely effective because it utilizes the element of surprise. You can do this rolling back take from virtually any open guard and it is such an explosive move that it is difficult for your opponent to stop.

There is another variation of taking the back with the kimura grip.  Some people will use the kimura grip from top half to force their opponent to open their guard, pass, and do a kimura trap back take.  There are plenty of other back takes that utilize the kimura grip and if we discussed all of them we would have to write a book.  Check out this video below that shows 3 ways to take the back with a kimura grip.

The Kimura Back Takes from Guard

The kimura can also be very effective for taking the back from the bottom.  Many people use the kimura from half guard or half butterfly to take the back.  Check out this article “Half Guard Kimura with Tom Deblass.”  Deblass has a very good half guard and has been using the kimura for years.

One of the best ways to use the kimura from bottom is to lock up a kimura in bottom half guard and allow your opponent to pass.  As they proceed to pass you can let them fall into a back take.  Check out this video with Tom Deblass below where he shows an unusual kimura from top half guard.  It is a great attack to add to your arsenal.

If you would like to add the kimura to your arsenal of attacks, check out Robson “Mau Mau’ Lima’s DVD Set, “The Kimura System.”  Robson has been using the kimura for years and shows several different ways to use it.  You can learn how to use the kimura to pass, to sweep, to counter, and to take the back.  Some people say if you master the kimura it is all you really need to become a dangerous grappler.


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