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Gordon Ryan Puts on an MVP Performance at Quintet 3

Gordon Ryan Puts on an MVP Performance at Quintet 3


The King Holds Court in Vegas

Quintet held its first event stateside last night in Las Vegas, and it did not disappoint. The results themselves are exciting to read, let alone having been able to witness the event. To date Quintet has held 3 events, each with their own fireworks, but last night’s action may have been Quintet’s most exciting yet.

Coming as a late addition to Team Alpha Male’s roster, Gordon Ryan filled in for Kelly Anundson. No doubt a stellar choice for Team Alpha Male, the King showed up, and once again displayed some epic dominance. Ryan put on great performances, often employing some very heavy top pressure, which in many cases lead to the acquisition of the back followed by rear naked choke finishes.

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Ryan’s followers were treated with a short clip via his Instagram during the show. In the video Ryan is shown riding the top mount position against Josh Barnett. A seemingly frustrated Barnett attempts to bully his way out of the position and lands himself in the clutches of Ryan’s triangle choke. It was a matter of seconds before Barnett succumbed to the submission and was forced to tap. We’re all aware that Barnett is no slouch, this was an impressive feat from Ryan.

The evening also produced a rematch featuring Ryan and a supremely talented Craig Jones. One of the most exciting matches in EBI history saw these 2 high talents in a showdown that went the distance. Ryan narrowly escaped an armbar attempt from Jones in overtime, and then stole the victory with a rear naked choke to win the bracket at EBI 14. Last nights events ended in similar fashion. Jones opened with a guillotine that appeared to be tight, but ultimately Ryan was able to stave off the attack. Ryan again found himself in the mount doling out heavy pressure, eventually funneling Jones into his back control where he applied another RNC, this time to the jaw of Jones resulting in the tap.

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Gordon Ryan continues to wreak havoc on some of the most accomplished grapplers in history. With a heaping portion of social media call-outs being aimed almost daily at the young star, we wonder… can any of them be backed up? Time will tell. Congratulations Gordon Ryan!

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