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Conor Vs Khabib

Conor Vs Khabib


Will this be the greatest grappler vs. striker match ever?

This weekend we will be treated to a classic grappler vs striker showdown between Conor Mcgregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. Although intentions for each fighter are clear, both have ample ground game experience. The question comes down to who can utilize their experience to place the battle on the plain that would be most beneficial to them.

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For Khabib it’s to get the fight to the floor, and keep Conor away from the cage. A common thought is to pin your opponent against the cage to stifle their Jiu-Jitsu. In this instance that could prove worrisome for Khabib because this will assist Conor in getting back to his feet. For Khabib a takedown in the middle of the octagon will help keep Conor from scrambling back to his feet. If this takes place the game plan seems to be to grind Conor and tire him until he makes a mistake large enough for Khabib to capitalize on.

Conor’s game plan is fairly evident as well. Keep it on the feet. Mcgregor’s ground game is NOTORIOUSLY under rated. That said Mcgregor is probably not going to tap Khabib off of his back. Conor’s Jiu-Jitsu is more of a tool he utilizes to put you back in range of his left hand. Often times a Mcgregor fight will take place with Conor in the middle of the cage applying enough pressure to keep his opponent with their back just a couple feet from the cage. To stop takedowns Conor uses a strong framing game to keep his opponent off of him. To get off his back and to his feet it’s all about the wall walk.

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BJJ scout has a great series on this momentous battle if you want more of a visual aid.  As much as this is a throwback in the sense of grappler vs striker, both fighters are masters of martial arts. They both can strike, wrestle, and do Jiu-Jitsu. At some point Conor Mcgregor will get taken down. Just as likely though is that Khabib will get hit. The question is who can place the fight in their most efficient plain of battle.

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