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How the Danaher System Works

How the Danaher System Works


The completely redone and remastered John Danaher Leglocks:  Enter the System has arrived and is being received to rave reviews.  Gone are the audio issues that plagued the first version.  As a bonus, this new version has a new and improved conceptual approach that makes John's concepts and techniques easier to digest and retain.

Check out this short animated video narrated by John Danaher that explains the overall framework of his entire leg lock system.  To say this is going to be the most in-depth and informative resources for the lower body submission game ever produced is a true understatement.  The average BJJ seminar is 2-3 hours typically.  This 8 volume series comes in around 10 hours.  Instead of reviewing your notebook after a seminar, you can now easily review techniques and positions whenever you need to, whether you get the DVD or the On Demand format.

Check out the video below and then hurry and get your copy before they sell out (DVD format only).  If you're in a rush to get the same information that was given to the Danaher Death Squad, check out the On Demand version.  Have fun and happy breaking!




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