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How to Pass the De La Riva Guard

How to Pass the De La Riva Guard


 Vinicius "Trator" Ferreira is one of the toughest brown belts under the Alliance flag today.  He has won the world championships at both the purple and the brown belt levels.  In the video below featuring Bernardo Faria, he shows one of his favorite passes to get through the the pesky De La Riva Guard.

Check it out below and then we will break it down.  Afterwards, make sure you check out Vinicius Ferreira's "Lower Belt Prescription" instructional course from BJJ Fanatics.


Deal with the De La Riva Hook

The first thing Vinicius must worry about is Bernardo's strong De La Riva hook.  To begin breaking this down, first he uses a lapel grip on the same side as the hook.  This starts to fold Bernardo in on himself making it much more difficult to keep that hook strong.  Secondly, Vinicius straightens or bumps his thigh back against the hook popping it out and free.  The De La Riva hook is now nullified.

Step Over and Out Looking for the Knee Slice

After the De La Riva hook problems has been solved he proceeds to step back with the opposite leg to ensure that Bernardo cannot step into the hip.  By stepping back and out of range he sets up a perfect step over that brings him to a position reminiscent of headquarters where he can begin to attempt a knee slice pass for his first passing option.

Grip the Knee and Walk Them Flat

Bernardo does what most opponents are going to do.  He brings his knee shield in to begin working a half guard style game and stop the knee shield from proceeding.  Rather than fight this knee shield head on, Vinicius will instead secure a grip on the outside of the pants of the bottom leg and begin walking Bernardo flat to his back and then over to the opposite side allowing him to begin to fold the legs/hips together. 

Open Up Knee Ala "Folding Pass"

Once Bernardo is walked over to the opposite side of his original knee shield, Vinicius will open up his right knee.  He is not attempting to slide his knee out at this time.  As Bernardo notes, this is reminiscent of the folding pass.

Long Back Step Changing Base

Rather than do the folding, pass Vinicius will change his base performing a long back step to allow him to escape the legs and guard of Bernardo.

Secure Side Control

Once free of the legs, after the long back step, he will regain ground and secure side control earning the pass.

The De La Riva guard can be a very tricky guard to find oneself stuck and then begin to figure out how to escape.  Vinicius Ferreira shows how to methodically break down the opponent's De La Riva, while also dealing with the most common and difficult reactions quickly and easily.  Give it a try and have fun!

If you'd like to learn more from Vinicius Ferreira "Trator", check out his amazing instructional "The Lower Belt Prescription".  He is quickly becoming one of the most accomplished Alliance competitors and as Bernardo Faria stated in the video, he is building a reputation as a favorite to win the black belt Worlds in the very near future.  Check it out.





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