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BJJFANATICS Announces Black Belt Open

BJJFANATICS Announces Black Belt Open

In the famous words of Bachman-Turner Overdrive, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet........

If you loved the Brown Belt Open that was held back in September, get pumped for November! Once again the event will be live and on YouTube. So be sure to subscribe to the Fanatics Channel so you are sure to catch the action LIVE! Check out the Brown Belt Open Here: 


Cash prizes will be available, as well as DVD contracts for the athletes that provide stellar performances. During the Brown Belt Open none other than ADCC Double Gold Champ, Gordon Ryan provided the commentary and occasional comic relief. 

With the amount of prize money on the line, plus the opportunity to film instructional material for BJJFANATICS is sure to draw some BIG names to the show. Currently they are accepting applications, so we will soon find out!

It's all going down November 15th at 6pm- Live on YouTube! TUNE IN!

Systemizing Closed Guard by Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan has already changed the course of Jiu-Jitsu with his Guard Passing Instructional now he is set to do the same with the Closed Guard! Systemizing Closed Guard will provide the road map to success when in Closed Guard. Update your classic Closed Guard technique with a modern HIGH PERCENTAGE approach to attacking from Closed Guard!