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Blast Double From Butterfly With Jon Satava

Blast Double From Butterfly With Jon Satava


Takedowns are undisputedly a critical part of Jiu Jitsu, whether it be for competition or for self defense, there is no arguing they play a crucial part in what we train to do every day. 

If you just rolled your eyes as if to say, yeah I know, but I hate training them… listen, I’m with you, takedowns are not at the top of my list for favorite things to train either.

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But we can’t argue the importance, so we must train them, and train them often.  As a helpful tip, when training takedowns, try even harder to partner with someone that is of similar size and make sure to let them know if you have any issues that they need to be aware of like shoulder, back or neck problems. You can also check with the instructor to see if there are any modifications to any of the techniques that you can do to make it easier for your condition, but still effective.  Make no mistake, it’s supposed to be hard, so if you are just being lazy, well, you are out of luck, but if you have actual injuries that need to be considered, talk to the instructor. Doing this will make your training experience as safe and as pleasant as possible.  

It seems that there isn’t as much focus put on takedowns as there is on other areas of our sport.  It also seems that many times when we think takedowns, we only think takedowns from standing, why is that?  The reality is, there are takedowns available when we are seated on the mats too. Often times I find myself looking at the guard I am playing and looking for sweeps or submission and completely ignoring the fact that there may be an opportunity to do a takedown instead.  

In Jon Satava’s video clip “Blast Double from Butterfly Guard” he says “Don’t force it if it’s not there”. 

While I’m certain we have all heard that advice, I challenge you to be really honest with yourself.  I know when I was, I realized I do this more than I’d like to admit. We get so committed to a game or a technique series that we almost have blinders on and can’t see the other options that are right in front of us.  For me this happens a lot when I am playing butterfly guard. I get to the position and I’m looking for a sweep that I have been working on or I am looking to catch a Guillotine or Kimura submission but I’m completely ignoring the other options.  

Because of this, I found Jon’s video on the Blast Double from Butterfly incredibly eye opening.  While it seems rather simple, it also seems highly effective. Let’s break down the details. 

Starting in a standard butterfly position seated with your feet inside the opponent’s legs as the opponent sits on their knees in front of you.  When we are looking to do sweeps the first thing, we need to focus on is not allowing the opponent to posture up typically. It they do posture up, rather than reaching for their head, pulling on their arm may be able to bring them back within reach, however if this does not work, we will look to go to another position.  That’s where this comes in.  

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If they are determined to posture up, they will, and typically they will frame with one arm (the one you aren’t controlling) against your opposite shoulder.  When they do this, we simply go to a two on one grip and use their arm to pop their frame off of our shoulder. Once the frame is removed, we can then turn our feet out crossing their arm over their body.  We then use our furthest foot to drive into the opponent and remove the control of their arm allowing us to wrap both arms around the opponent’s hips and drive into them at an angle pushing them over and landing us in top side control.  

There is a chance the opponent will react quickly and catch a half guard hook on the way down in the takedown.  If this happens, first realize we are in a better position and can simply start looking to pass the half guard or look for submission opportunities.  One of my favorite half guard passing instructionals is “No Gi Pressure Passing” by Bernardo Faria.  These are battle tested techniques used by a 5 time black belt world champion that will transform your game and help you destroy any and every guard your opponent’s throw at you using simple concepts that are easy to learn and more importantly easy to remember.  

If you are interested in learning more about the butterfly guard and like Jon’s teaching style you must check out his video instructional “The Modern Butterfly Guard” with 4 parts, breaking down the sweeps and submissions systems that will work on anyone, even if they are bigger, stronger or faster than you.  Jon is one of Marcelo Garcia’s most successful black belts and a Pan Am Champion in both weight class and absolute. With credentials like that you can be certain the techniques, tips and tricks packed into this video instructional will take your game to the next level giving you the edge you have been looking for on the mats with your friends at the academy, and also against your opponents in competition. 

Improve your butterfly guard game with up and coming grappling expert Jon Satava! His DVD "Modern Butterfly Guard" will give you what you need to make your butterfly guard game better, and more dangerous! Check it out here!




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