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Brown Belt, Brown Belt, What Did You See?

Brown Belt, Brown Belt, What Did You See?


Why Watch the Upcoming BJJ Fanatics Brown Belt Invitational?

Who do you want to see fight? Most people want to see the big names scrabble for victory: Gordon Ryan, Marcelo Garcia, Garry Tonon, Craig Jones, Felipe Pena, Buchecha ...and the list goes on. But what about all of those competitors whos names you do not know yet? The hungry lions ready to tear each other apart for the chance to be the next big monster.

On September 6th, BJJ Fantics is hosting a brown belt invitational and inviting some new killers to the scene from the brown belt pool. Add to the excitement of gladiatorial opportunity, Gordon Ryan will be lending his voice to the mix as a special guest commentator. If you have ever heard his commentary, then you know that it will offer a cornucopia of insight as to what "The King" sees in those who aspire to dethrone him.

What I love best about the premise is that it offers up a group of players from the folds of the best that 10th Planet, Alliance, ATOS, Renzo Gracie, Crossroads, Fightsports, American Top Team, North Jersey MMA, Bernardo Faria and Checkmat have to offer as their top draft picks for the future. If there is one thing that I learned from watching the brown belts at World Masters, then it is that they have their pulse on the next five years of the sport. Ignore their games at your own peril. 

So a free live cast on YouTube and Facebook on September 6th. Seems like a guilty pleasure feast, but what you really need to do is not just watch the fights, rather look for the trends in grappling that you might not otherwise see in different rule sets. Listen to what Gordon Ryan is talking smack about as footlocks, back takes, and chokes make their appearance. Which team is rising to the top and why? Whose style do you resonate with and how does that compare to what you are doing on the mats each and every day?

I'm A BJJ Fantatic: John Danaher


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I watched three days of comps at the World Masters last week and all I kept thinking was: "Dear God, John Danaher has influenced so much ankle destruction!" I saw it, and this realization saved me from certain doom when my time at bat came up on the screens. The ability to understand the way the ocean is moving may mean success for many years to come and I cannot imagine a better free chance to observe just that progression from what was to what may well be. Ignore the present at the peril of your future. The grind awaits you!

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