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Update Your Estima Lock With Braulio Himself!

Update Your Estima Lock With Braulio Himself!



Braulio Estima has just come out with a new DVD series, The Estima Lock and New School Toe Hold.  Braulio Estima and his brother Victor Estima are known for their unique and innovative take on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and this new DVD series is a great opportunity to pick up some unexpected moves.

Besides, Estima is a multiple ADCC Champion and multiple Black Belt World Champion who earned his Black Belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr.

In this video, Estima gives us a taste of what we can find in his new series, demonstrating the basics of his famed Estima Lock leading to a knee bar.

Estima begins in a half guard position with his teammate straddling his right leg.  He secures his teammate’s left sleeve with his right hand while his own left hand goes into the left collar (0:24).

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Estima then locks his opponent into place by slipping his left knee under and around his left hand so that his knee is braced against his opponent’s shoulder.  The pull of his hand in the collar and the push of his knee and shin against the shoulder locks his teammate into place, preventing him from passing Estima’s guard or crushing him (0:30).

After securing his teammate, Estima uses a push from his knee and a pull from his left hand to shift his opponent off balance so that he has to post his arm on the floor to avoid face-planting into the mat (1:13).

Notice that this shift in position has lifted his knee off the mat and opened up a space through which Estima can reach.

Estima takes advantage of this space, releasing his opponent’s sleeve and reaching under the knee with his right hand.  Pulling his teammate’s knee to his chest, Estima brings his right leg up and braces it against his teammate’s back side.  Meanwhile, his left shin is braced against the side of his opponent’s torso while his left knee is meeting his right foot (1:21).

Having secured his teammate’s leg while still controlling his lapel, Estima has established a great deal of control.

That control makes it possible to pursue the knee bar, and Estima does so by rolling to his right to create the space he needs to hyperextend his opponent’s knee (1:58).

Discussing this move, Estima notes that his own left foot is safe from attack because it is hidden in his opponent’s armpit and not accessible at all.

Estima also uses a bit of deception to help him break his opponent’s balance.  Instead of simply pulling his teammate to the right, he first pushes him to the left—as though he is trying to make him fall to the left.  His opponent’s natural reaction is to move his weight to the right, making it all the easier for Estima to break his balance in that direction.

Repeating the move, Estima offers us a slight variation, this time pulling his left leg out from under his teammate and locking his other leg with a figure 4 lock behind his left knee (3:07). 

This time through, he also bends his opponent’s leg so that he can torque the leg, encouraging his opponent to roll.

Watch the video below, then try it out and, when it works, consider investing in the whole DVD series.

Braulio Estima is one of the most RESPECTED names in All of Jiu-Jitsu. His Estima Lock is one of the most FEARED submissions in all of Jiu-Jitsu! So now is the time to UPDATE your Estima Lock and learn the NEW SCHOOL way to performing the Toe Hold. Braulio’s newest instruction will add new and devastating DEPTH to your game!



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