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Uber Attack UPDATE!

Uber Attack UPDATE!


BJJ Fanatics website co-founder, Michael Zenga, has offered an uber driver from Atlanta a $250 gift certificate to the BJJ Fanatics online store. Why, you ask? 

The uber driver, Yasser Hadi, recently had his fifteen minutes of fame by making the news after getting attacked after dropping off one of his passengers in midtown Atlanta. The video has been shared on multiple news stations, showing the woman attacking Hadi for no apparent reason. He claims he had just dropped of his passenger with no issues, when the woman in question came out of nowhere. She started threatening him, hitting his car and shouting at him that he “needed to die”. The woman then got into Hadi’s car, and when he attempted to pull her back out of his vehicle, she proceeded to bite him in his side. Upon release of the story the woman was identified as Tasheena Campbell, a 26 year old Atlanta resident. She was later arrested by the Atlanta Police Department for battery and criminal trespassing. 

Michael Zenga put forth his generous offer after seeing the video to enable the man to defend himself better in the future. His Facebook post states that he wants to share the techniques available via the BJJ Fanatics store to give Hadi a better grasp on self defense and avoid such a preventable attack in his profession.

Being an uber passenger is often brought up as a moment to be aware of your surroundings, especially for women. This event is proof that an attack on the streets is not something that typically follows an algorithm. Whether you are male or female, you should prepare yourself for the unexpected. While this particular case may seem mild, the reality is that it shows the complete unpredictability of being assaulted. 

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Learning the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu would have helped Yasser Hadi avoid the pain of the attack as well as the financial issues he now faces because of it. If you are exposed to strangers (which is everyone, if you go outside) then take Michael Zenga’s advice and get yourself some instructional videos from the BJJ Fanatics store to arm yourself with defensive techniques! 

Multiple options of instructional videos exist in the store, such as Police tactics, Alpha male self defense and knife defense. They will enable you to feel safe and stay safe in your daily life, giving tips on physical and verbal defense for a variety of scenarios. The techniques are simple and easily executed, so if your excuse in not learning them is skill-based then you’re out of luck! Each video addresses how to be mentally aware of your surroundings to potentially avoid a confrontation as well as how to deal with one if it escalates to that. Let Yasser Hadi be your catalyst into becoming more confident and self sufficient out on the streets, no matter what you deem your “risk factor” to be. As it was made evident by this scenario, an attack can happen at any moment, and being capable of handling it quickly and efficiently is critical for everyone involved. 

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