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Bruno Malfacine Looks For 11th World Title

Bruno Malfacine Looks For 11th World Title



In what might be the most stacked Rooster weight division in years, Malfacine will have his work cut out for him to obtain his 11th world title at black belt. Bruno will see the return of an old rival in Caio Terra, and reigning Light Featherweight champ Mikey Musumeci!

In 2018 it was all Bruno. In his four matches he outworked, outscored, and dominated the competition. He submitted all of his opponents on his way to earning his 10th world title. That is a decade worth of tournaments where Malfacine was ruling the roost. Their almost isn’t a word to describe this type of dominance.

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Big names like Terra, and Musucmeci look to alter those plans. Terra and Malfacine have met in competition numerous time with both sharing victories over each other. Most recently in 2017 we saw Malfacine edge out his rival Terra by an advantage. If you consult the official brackets you will see that this match could happen in the quarterfinal.

Musumeci joining the fray adds a whole new level to the division. Mikey was able to put on a stellar performance in 2018. He defeated Ary Farias in the finals 4x0. If Musumeci is able to berimbolo past his first to opponent’s and Malfacine is able to best his old rival Terra we might just get to see this dream matchup!

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Two former 2018 foes return in the Rooster division for 2019. Rodnei Barbosa met Malfacine in the finals in 2018, but fell short when Bruno was able to secure an armbar. Barbosa is 6-1 in 2019 and looks to find his way back to the podium at this year’s World Championship.

Tomoyuki Hashimoto took 2nd place in the European championship this year and looks to recreate some of the magic from 2018 (Check his guide Effective Open Guard here). After submitting his first two opponents in last years world championship, Hashimoto ran into Malfacine.


Although Malfacine has made a name for himself dominating other 127lb athletes at the highest level of Jiu-Jitsu, his game also excels against opponents much larger. Being one of the smallest athletes in the gym can be quite a challenge. Being stuck under bigger training partners can suck any enjoyment out of your training you were hoping to gain. Let Bruno share some details and techniques he has used to overcome larger opponents!



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