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Build Confidence In Your Offense With Jeff Glover

Build Confidence In Your Offense With Jeff Glover



Many gyms start rolling from the knees. Before the hardcore dude-bros chime in with a “Why aren’t you training from the feet, on concrete, in the winter, with no shirt?” there are plenty of good reasons why training from the knees can be beneficial. 

Obviously being proficient from your feet is a must. That said, some gyms can really pack the mats. Having 40+ people starting from their feet is a risky proposition unless you have a basketball sized court full of mats. Jiu-Jitsu is forever most people say, that is until you have some dork fall into the side of your knee during your 3rd week of training. 

Another factor to consider is efficient use of practice time. How many times have you seen people in a match spend entirely too much time on the feet hand fighting? This is great if that’s your goal. BUT if you want to practice that deep half sweep you learned from class starting from you knees is a great way to expedite the process and allow for ample time to practice that slick new sweep. 

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Starting from you knees can sometimes lead to Knee-Judo which can be a waste of time in it’s own right. Typically when two people start on their knees, someone pulls guard. This is a quick way to encourage engagement right away instead of looking for osoto gari from your knees (learn about osoto gari in "Mastering Osoto Gari by Travis Stevens". Initiating action is essential when starting the session from the kneeling position. What if your first action could be a submission attempt? Jeff Glover has some tips for us!


To set up his triangle from the knees, Glover initiates the action by reaching high onto Bernardo’s shoulder. This encourages Bernardo to shoot an underhook, because as Jeff states people are usually looking for inside control. Eventually this will lead to Glover leaping into the triangle. Glover even adds in the slap/bump for emphasis that initiating the action will cause a reaction!

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He points out that the biggest mistake people make is by focusing on the second leg instead of the first. By using the first leg you can balance your weight more efficiently to sling the second leg into place. If you feel like you are falling constantly during this technique you need to focus on how to properly place your first leg to allow the rotation needed to snag the triangle. Once you are in the triangle entanglement you can use your favorite way to finish. 

The final detail Glover lays on us is how he elevates his body higher before launching into the triangle. He goes from his knee to his foot with the leg that will eventually wrap the neck. Check out how he manages this at the 2:05 mark. This will be crucial in finding your way to the submission. 

Another factor to consider is that although this is performed from the knees to start, this could easily be adapted for multiple positions. Half Butterfly Guard for example isn’t a hop-skip-and-a jump away from this exact set up, it’s right there!

Glover is known for his unorthodox style and submission hunting style. Jeff credits his confidence to his unyielding belief in his Deep Half Guard. He explains that he stopped being fearful of attempting submissions because ultimately he would be able to implement his Deep Half to get back to safety. Thankfully for us Glover has recently released The No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0! 

The No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0 by Jeff Glover
Build confidence in your game with Jeff Glover’s No Gi Deep Half Guard 2.0. Unleash your offense with a Deep Half Guard that keeps your opponent guessing, and Re-Define your defense with escapes from checkmate!



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