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Gordon Ryan And Craig Jones Shine At Submission Underground

Gordon Ryan And Craig Jones Shine At Submission Underground



Chael Sonnen’s SUG 10 took place yesterday and was packed with some top tier talent featuring UFC legends, as well as grappling phenoms. Chael always seems to find a way to secure some of the top talent in the sport to step inside the cage to apply their grappling skills. SUG 10 was no exception. 

In the Co-Main event Gilbert Burns, UFC Vet and Jiu-Jitsu world champ, took on Australian powerhouse Craig Jones. Burns has been staying active in the grappling circuit, most recently he took on Tommy Langaker at Polaris. SO it’s safe to say he keeps his Jiu-Jitsu honed for not only MMA, but Jiu-Jitsu. 

However Jones has shown no signs of slowing down since his rise in 2017. The match was over in little over a minute. Burns initially slipped multiple leg attacks from Jones. Gilbert attempted a flying triangle/armbar that was stuffed by the Aussie, and immediately found himself in leg entanglement. Jones transitioned into a 50/50 position and was able to find a strong bite on the heel of Gilbert Burns forcing the tap. 

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In the Main event Gordon Ryan took on MMA/BJJ Legend Gabriel Gonzaga. Gonzaga has been staying active in combat sports, most recently he made his Bare Knuckle Boxing debut! 

Ryan was outweighed by over 50 pounds, because despite being retired from MMA Gonzaga looked STOUT. Ryan immediately looked to work his open guard, but at first it looked as though Gonzaga would be able to maintain his base. Gonzaga was able to defend a couple of Ryan’s arm drag attempts. BUT if you have been paying attention to Gordon’s open guard you know that it’s a cascade of offensive techniques that lead you down a rabbit hole only to find yourself elevated, swept, and heel hooked. Which is basically what happened here. 

Gordon released an onslaught of chaining techniques that was impressive to say the least. As Gonzaga defended one technique Ryan immediately was already onto the next one. He advocates this in Systemizing The Closed Guard as well. Rumor has it that he is working on an Open Guard instructional, which based on his recent performances will be ANOTHER game-changer. Check out a clip from his open guard game below. 


In other big news Gordon and Craig accepted Chael Sonnen’s challenge of a tag team match. During the post-fight interview of Jones, Sonnen asked ‘what was next?’ Craig Jones responded that tag-team matches look pretty cool. Uncle Chael then offered any tag team out there 25K if they could defeat the dynamic duo of Craig Jones and Gordon Ryan…. Will we get to see a mega Tag-Team Battle? We will have to wait until February 2020 to find out!

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