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Can't Open the Guard - Can't Pass The Guard

Can't Open the Guard - Can't Pass The Guard


One of the hardest and most frustrating aspects of passing the jiu jitsu guard, is opening the BJJ guard.

JT Torres is one of the most talented modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighters.

Proficient in Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and No Gi Grappling; and winner of many IBJJF titles in gi and no gi, and the ADCC Champion in 2017.

He has the nickname of Spiderman due to his impressive grip strength. Teammates often recall being tangled up in the web of JT "Spiderman" Torres.

He got his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt un Lloyd Irvin, but was one of the athletes who left that Lloyd Irvin's team during the "drama" and is now wth Atos Academy.

One of JT Torres's other impressive skills is his guard passing ability. If you're looking to pass like JT, click the learn more button.



Check out jiu jitsu guard passing instructional video on how to open the closed guard with JT Torres.


Good jiu jitsu fundamentals are the backbone to any successful Jiu Jitsu player's game. People become awed by the flash of some jiu jitsu techniques from this position or that or are trying to think too far ahead in a jiu jitsu match.

However, JT Torres sums up this by saying "Without knowing how to break the closed guard you'll never get a chance to pass open guard, half guard, spider guard any of that stuff."

In this bjj instructional video, JT focuses on the basics of how to open the closed guard by showing a very simple technique which will work on any type of opponent. Simply by using leverage and pressure, JT has the ability to open the guard and pass with ease. You must have solid grappling fundamentals to be truly successful in jiu jitsu or any grappling art.

Learn more guard passing tips and secrets including back takes with one of the most exciting and dynamic jiu jitsu competitors in the world: JT Torres



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