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The Black Sheep of Side Control - The Scarf Hold

The Black Sheep of Side Control - The Scarf Hold


The Scarf Hold position in grappling is often seen as a pinning position in wrestling, Judo and Sambo - but why is it shunned in Jiu Jitsu?

Check out this video of Josh Barnett torturing some dude with the Scarf Hold Position and Control.

Have you ever heard the quote from Jean Jacques Machado that says "I am a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people don’t know how to swim."?


Well, now you can really take that to heart with the choke that Josh Barnett shows in this grappling instructional video. Where he compares being choked by this grappling technique to drowning.

Kesa Gatame or Scarf Hold often used in Judo and Sambo is an exceptional position to hold your opponent down and keep them from getting away or to catch your breath in while still making your opponent suffer.

However, why not finish the fight right from this position as well, Barnett shows us in this grappling video how to use pressure and leverage to collapse our opponent's diaphragm until they can't breath forcing them to submit.

This finish is a powerful painful finish that Josh Barnett used to finish Dean Lister in Metamoris.  Check out the full grappling match below.

Learn more about the scarf hold and finishing it with Josh Barnett and other painful grappling positions from Catch Wrestling here.


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