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Use Catch Wrestling to Destroy BJJ Opponents

Use Catch Wrestling to Destroy BJJ Opponents


Don’t be a grappling purist. It will only limit the scope of what you can learn. Neil Melanson is a perfect example of this. Some people will hear catch wrestling and immediately start arguing about how this style is the best or that style doesn’t work. The bottom line is that there are always things that can be learned or adapted to work in a real life situation. Neil Melanson has coached some of the best mma fighters of all-time, and is one of the most sought after grappling resources on earth. He did so by training with some of the best catch wrestlers ever.

Despite his large frame standing at 6’5 280 lbs you would expect him to be a heavy pressure smashing type of grappler, and you’d be correct. BUT it wasn’t always this way. Early on in Melanson’s career under the tutelage of Gokor Chivechian, he focused heavily on his guard. By putting himself out of his natural element Neil devised some of the most devastating techniques in grappling today. 

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The Catch Wrestling formula covers a wide range of techniques, topics, and strategies. If you are a grappler at any level, there are details in this instructional that are can’t miss! Catch Wrestling provides a unique perspective to grappling that Jiu-Jitsu can sometimes overlook. NO MORE! Check out how Neil uses the cradle to destroy his opponent’s knee shield.

The details of the initial grip can totally change the success rate of the technique, but Neil is able to hammer them home. Where some instructors could just say here you use an “S” grip. Neil goes through the crucial aspects that make his techniques successful at ANY LEVEL. As he explains it’s not just his fingers that apply the squeeze but his elbows. Next time you find yourself stuck in the knee shield, and you feel like giving a little squeeze to your opponent this would be a good one to add in!

If you find yourself wanting to fully destroy the half guard and want another taste of how you do it this video covers a wider array of techniques to help. Check it out here!

Once again, Neil’s mastery is on display with how he formulaically destroys the half guard. A great detail to take from this video is how Neil uses the whizzer. This shuts down the possibility of attacks from the half guard. By using the whizzer and shifting his base it takes away the half guard players ability to dive deeper for a usable underhook, as well as the ability to dive underneath to reverse the position. All with a simple technique from Neil!

Catch Wrestling Formula DVD Cover

Whether you are looking to add some new techniques or are looking for that new style to revitalize your game The Catch Wrestling Formula by Neil Melanson has what you need. Between Neil’s high level instruction and his next level techniques you should be set up for success with The Catch Wrestling Formula!



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