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The Straight Ankle Attack of Rodrigo Cavaca

The Straight Ankle Attack of Rodrigo Cavaca


Rodrigo Cavaca is a multiple time world champion who leads the Zenith BJJ organization with Robert Drysdale.  As a competitor in his 30's he has made it his business to face off with a who's who of grappling phenoms, many of which are younger and stronger than him.  Much of his success can be attributed to the creative use of straight ankle locks that make him a terrifying force in competition.

To further explore Rodrigo Cavaca's BJJ gameplan, you can check out this article from BJJ Fanatics here.  Rodrigo Cavaca shows a 

In the video below, Rodrigo Cavaca faces the legendary Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu.  Famous for his strength and creative guard and sweeping techniques, Cyborg found himself quickly dispatched by the calm precision of Cavaca's leg attack.

 The two veteran competitors both seem to pull guard which allows Cavaca to control Cyborg's shin and from there he uses his legs on Abreu's shoulders to create the necessary hip thrust to put pressure on the lower leg and force Cyborg to tap.

 In the next video, Rodrigo Cavaca demonstrates a similar foot lock, this time set up while attempting the bullfighter pass.  By looking at the key points of this pass, one will quickly be able to see the application of this straight foot lock from many different positions.  The three different variations of this foot lock will make a powerful asset to your BJJ arsenal.

 Use the pressure of the hips

This allows you to escape the the control that the opponent on the bottom has with their legs.  By moving free of the legs, you are able to isolate and secure the shin wrap.  

The opponent's grips are worthless

Despite very strong grips on the sleeves, one is able to easily shift and lock of the shin.  By using the lapel grip, a strong finish is all but in your future.

Continue to press hips

This allows you to free the final grips and begin to sit down to your own hip to establish the finishing position.

The Three Variations

In each of the three variations, the key is how one manages to minimize the opponent's grip and which arm to secure the exposed shin.  Controlling the hips of the opponent after locking up the shin leads to a series of devastating leg locks.

The last version is a very powerful toe hold variation that puts incredible pressure on the opponents foot and shin.

All of these variations are IBJJF legal and can be added to your submission game. These would be a great place to start if you have not explored or trained leg locks up till now.  

Rodrigo Cavaca is a great example of a BJJ player who does not back away from a challenge.  Rather than attack where these young powerhouses are most deadly, Cavaca exploits where we all are the weakest, the feet where there are few muscles to develop.

If you want to make your gi foot attacks deadly, make your closed guard inescapable, and stop everyone from even thinking about passing your guard, check out Rodrigo Cavaca's 4 DVD series "Wiseman BJJ" here.




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