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Chad Lyman & Brian Caraway show 3 LEO Takedowns!

Chad Lyman & Brian Caraway show 3 LEO Takedowns!


3 Great Takedowns For Our LEO Training Partners!

Chad Lyman and Brian Caraway show techniques in response to a question asked about options when you are right in front of the person you need to take down and not behind them like he had learned how to do.

Chad explains that a single leg takedown is not his preference when trying to take somebody down outside, he says that if it fails he is now on the bottom. He does not want to give up his position, if his takedown fails he wants to still remain in a good position.

Technique 1: When Chad is right in front of Brian. He was unable to make an angle so he secures a Muay Thai/double collar tie clinch. Chad uses his forearms on Brian's collar bones as a barrier so he cannot lock his arms around Chad’s waist. Grabbing the crown of Brian's head (not neck), Chad can now break Brians posture.

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Chad shows you can twist the person down by stepping and turning their head or you can use that as a way to break their balance and transition to a better position like an under hook and post on the neck. Using the under hook and his hand on Brian’s head, Chad forces Brian to his stomach. Once Chad gets the top position he can then look to arrest.

Technique 2: Brian teaches how to use double under hooks. Using Angles and superior positioning Brian swims for his under hooks. Using his head right under Chad’s chin he uses his hips to get close and to the side of Chad's body. For his takedown, all Brian needs to do is sit his hips down, keeping his knee tight behind Chad while maintaining a tight palm to palm grip around Chad’s waist, he sits him over his knee (Do not hook the leg, it may give the other person a better base).

Chad shows that when Brian has his double under hooks and the better angle, Chad cannot reach Brian's belt or gun. For punches Brian does the same technique but covers his head and crashes in, once he makes contact with Chad he starts to go for his underhooks.

Once the takedown is finished Chad shows that a police officer would choose to maintain position and look to arrest. Using a frame on the jaw Brian can make Chad roll, exposing his back and putting him belly down.

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Technique 3: Chad shows a standing arm bar variation he calls a hug arm bar. From a standing position Chad is able to get wrist control of Brian. From his wrist control with his left hand, Chad reaches through and grabs Brians tricep with his right hand and does a arm drag to a Russian two on one position. Chad keeps Brians elbow glued to him, his right hand keeping Brians wrist tight to Chad’s hip, and his left hand pinning Brians shoulder to him, along with maintaining an angle with his hips.

To do the arm bar from this position, Chad explains you cannot make space, a common error cops make with this technique is they do not understand connection and make too much space. So instead of using his forearm Chad uses his whole body to apply pressure to the elbow joint. Once he breaks Brian’s posture can he use his forearm or hand to apply pressure and put the person belly down to be arrested.

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer look into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training near you, a lot of the concepts and techniques you learn can directly be translated to your job.

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