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More No Gi Closed Guard Problem Solving with Lachlan Giles

More No Gi Closed Guard Problem Solving with Lachlan Giles


More No-Gi Technique Guard Technique With Doctor Giles!

In his third installment of a short series on how to deal with and open the closed guard, Lachlan Giles covers another problematic, yet common scenario. Things are a bit different when you’re dealing with the no gi closed guard as opposed to the gi. Having the kimono to rely on as an anchor and as a means of connection to your opponent doesn’t translate to a no gi application quite as readily. The game plan has to change to accommodate these challenges, and Lachlan has given us a nice series of ideas here to apply when you’re trying to navigate the no gi closed guard. Here’s the latest in a series of 3 videos he’s recently released. Have a look!

This time, Giles discusses staving off the back take that occurs when your opponent is successful in moving both of your arms to one side of your body. You’ve no doubt been here, especially early on in your training.

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Giles begins by making a post, in this case with his left foot. In order to take the back his partner will have to come up onto his right hand to start connecting to the back. Giles thwarts this process by sucking in the posted arm of his partner, and constricting it with both hands. This will significantly hinder the back taking process.

He then tripods his body and offers two options. First, he reaches across with his left arm, or he can opt to swim his right arm in for an under hook if the space is available on the far side. Both of these options will aid in the flattening of his partner, and give Giles the ability to once again recover to a more neutral position.  

I’ve really enjoyed this little miniseries. It’s addressed a lot of very common misconceptions and difficulties from this particular position. Maybe we’ll get to see more!

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