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Check Out these Submissions by Edwin Najmi

Check Out these Submissions by Edwin Najmi


Edwin Najmi is a black belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner from California. Edwin displayed interest in combat sports at a young age and eventually pursued a full time career, becoming one of the top competitors in the sport. Although Edwin initially began his grappling career training Judo, he eventually moved on to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Romulo Barral, one of Gracie Barra’s top black belts.

Edwin is one of the top compeitors in the grappling scene, especially in the gi. He has won numerous championships included, but not limited to, IBJJF Pans, IBJJF Worlds, FIVE Superleague, and so on. Edwin has a record total record of 43 wins and 18 losses. Edwin is most know for his ability to get submissions. His most used submissions are darce chokes and and Estima locks.

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In one of BJJ Fanatic’s latest additions, Edwin Najmi teaches his favorite submissions. In the first DVD, Edwin goes through one of his best submissions, the darce choke. In the second DVD, Edwin explains many variations of the triangle, and finishes up his instructional with the third DVD where he discusses foot locks. Edwin also happens to be a great instructor that explains his techniques in great detail so that they can be used by anyone and everyone.

In this article, I want to show you two submissions Edwin Najmi recorded for BJJ Fanatics. The first submission is a darce choke, and immediately you’ll notice when watching this is how much better his darce choke set up is than other grapplers. In the second part, we will go over the Estima lock, another submission Edwin uses a lot in competition.

The darce choke is a head and arm strangle that strangle resembles the anaconda choke and the arm in guillotine. Many newer grapplers and even some blue belts are confused about the main difference between these submissions.

In the darce choke, the choking arm extends from under the armpit all the way through to wrap the neck. In the anaconda, the arm starts at the neck and extends through the arm pit. In the arm in guillotine, the two hands meet in the middle.

One of the most common places the anaconda choke is set up from is top half guard when the guard player reaches for an under hook. To see what I mean, watch the following video in which Edwin shows how to set it up.

The biggest problem grapplers face when setting up the darce choke is when the under hook arm stays deep. This will create space between the shoulder and the neck that will stop the choke from being tight.

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The way Edwin counters this is by getting on his side first. Once you get on your side, you can use your arms to shove the under hook arm deep through. This will make the shoulder squeeze into the choke, giving you the tap.

As you have seen, Edwin has a unique approach to setting up submissions we are all familiar with. What I enjoy most about his teaching is how he shows you how to deal with the problems you will commonly face when setting up these submission.

In the following video, Edwin teaches an Estima lock from a standing position. The Estima lock a foot lock that is quite unique from the rest of the leg attacks used in Jiu Jitsu.

The Estima lock is named after Victor and Braulio Estima, two brothers that were huge competitors a few years ago. Although they initially popularized this submission, Edwin is one of the few grapplers to master it and use it successfully in competition in recent years.

The main difference between this submission and other leg locks is that in the Estima lock, the foot is place directly on our torso. In other leg attacks like the heel hook and ankle lock, the foot is placed on our side.

Another big difference is that the Estima lock is usually finished from a standing position because standing provides the greatest leverage to break the foot. Other leg locks are usually finished from a supine position. Although the estima lock has a steep learning curve, once you learn it and add it to your game, you will be able to submit everyone with it.

I hope you have enjoyed these two videos by Edwin. I highly recommend purchasing his instruction, “Mission Submission,” as it is filled with plenty of high level instruction like you have just seen. If you are a fan of the darce, triangle chokes, and leg locks, you absolutely will get better after getting it.

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