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Check Out This Brutal Foot Lock From The 50/50 Position For BJJ

Check Out This Brutal Foot Lock From The 50/50 Position For BJJ


Leg Lock Submissions Are Everywhere Nowadays... But Did You Know It That It Is Possible To Hit A Foot Lock From The 50/50 Guard? That's Right, With This Hidden BJJ Secret You Certainly Can!

Once seen as taboo, leg locks are now all the rave in modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The foot lock is 1 of 5 primary leg locks. Foot locks are an effective and sometimes painful way of submitting your opponent in BJJ. The great thing about foot locks is they work just as well in no gi as they do in gi. In jiu Jitsu, one of the most effective foot locks is the straight foot lock. Today we will check out an amazing straight foot lock from Luiz Panza. Luiz has a special set up for his method, requiring a different style of grips.

Luiz Panza is one of the few IBJJF Black Belt Competitors who hit the straight ankle lock with ease. There are some tips and details to this that make his foot locks one of the most vicious in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition.


Luiz Panza is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who is considered one of the top heavy weight competitors of his generation. Luiz is a black belt under the legendary Marco Barbosa. In his first year at a black belt, Luiz won multiple medals in the highest levels of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition including the Brazilian Nationals (in both gi and no gi), the World Pro Cup Trials, the Mundail, and the Pan American (in both gi and no gi). The following year, in 2014 Panza had another very successful year, winning the Pan American Championship once more and then moving to the United States in order to join the Checkmat BJJ team.

Luiz has a great instructional series called “Hidden BJJ Secrets” available exclusively on In this series he shows a unique system of unorthodox foot locks and weird sweeps that just work. Seriously, his foot locks are like nothing you have ever seen before. Let’s see what Luiz’s foot locks are all about. Watch the video below and then we will break down Luiz foot lock from the 50/50 position for BJJ. Check it out now!

Luiz has found himself in the 50/50 position many times in many different competitions. When he is here, the first thing Luiz looks to do is secure his grips. He passes his arm underneath his opponent’s leg and connects with his own arm. From here Luiz grips his own bicep and then brings his other hand to his opponent’s shin – even if his training partner does not let go of the sleeve grip. Now Panza will slide his arm blade across his training partner’s shin, and the tap is not far away. By twisting his upper body, Luiz slides his arm blade across the ankle, securing a quick tap. From here he steps into his ribs and tightens the submission if his opponent still maintains his grip.

This is an amazing foot lock! What I like about this one is Luiz’s amazing amount of detail that goes into the straight foot lock. This is a very unorthodox way of getting the submission. If you liked this one then be sure to give a try the next time you are rolling and also be sure to check out his instructional series called “Hidden BJJ Secrets” available exclusively on! Luiz shares his revolutionary secrets that will completely transform your game and give you a competitive edge.

The foot lock is the great equalizer in Jiu Jitsu. John Danaher is a master at breaking down how to get leg locks and foot locks that are both IBJJF legal and perfect for submission only grappling.



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