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Check Out This No-Gi Pass By Lachlan Giles

Check Out This No-Gi Pass By Lachlan Giles


Passing the guard of a skilled Jiu Jitsu grappler is one of the most frustrating things ever. In last year’s World No Gi championship, we saw Yuri Simoes try to pass Gordon Ryan’s guard for nearly the entire match, with each time getting close but not close enough. Sometimes the battle of just passing guards can be as physical as an entire match.

One of the best overall methods of passing guards is by stacking. Stacking is a term used for a style of guard passing in which the grappler passing guard lifts their opponents’ hips by getting under either one or both legs. Stacking immobilizes the guard player limiting shrimping, bridging, and leg pummeling, all movements needed to defend guard passes.

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In the following video, Absolute MMA instructor Lachlan Giles goes through an entry to the stack pass without the gi. Lachlan also explains how to deal with frames, which can be the trickiest part to deal with. See below:

In order to have a successful stack pass, regardless of which style you use, it is important to maintain good position of the head. Your head will determine precisely which direction you are passing, and if your head is position in the wrong direction, your pass will be off. It might not mean much when going up against a white belt, but purple belt will defend this easily.

One of the most difficult things to deal with when using a stack pass is defensive frames. Frames can make moving around the hips difficult and cause us to make silly mistakes.

More often than not, however, the solution to dealing with  frames is quite obvious, we just don’t see them. In the video, Lachlan shows how to deal with the hip or shoulder frame in a way that is not only effective, but actually makes the pass even better.

The last defensive tactic someone will use against the stack pass is turtling. Many grapplers prefer to turtle and expose their back rather than have their guard passed, mostly due to points. This is easy to deal with since you should expect it and follow the defender to up and take their back.

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