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Check Your Attitude, It Matters

Check Your Attitude, It Matters


Fake it until you make it!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a poor attitude. It has the ability to cloud a good vibe for an entire room full of your BJJ your peers. Many people who enter the academy on a daily basis are there to escape the daily strains and hardships that regular life tends to hand us. It’s a place of inspiration, and enrichment, and that can be disturbed by a bad attitude. A bad attitude is a choice. We cannot foresee the challenges life has in store for us, but we can change how we react to them and the attitude we choose to adopt.

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Be a positive influence to the other members of your team.

We need beacons in our lives. Rays of light that we can depend on. BJJ is that light for many people. If your attitude is poor, it can begin to block that light for those around you. It can be difficult to walk through every door with a smile on your face, but you should be doing everything in your power to make sure that you save one of those smiles for your entrance to the BJJ academy. Preserve the purity of that environment by maintaining a good attitude during your time there, and it will begin to help you transform your overall attitude in everyday life. Even if you have to fake it at first, you and I both know, you won’t have to fake it after about 10 minutes on the mat. Do it for yourself, and do it for your team mates. Change the way you react to the things that cause you stress. It takes time, but it can be done.

I have a sign in plain view when you are exiting the dressing room at my academy that reads, “Attitude is Everything, Pick a good One.” The fact is, a good attitude is more than being “happy.” It’s a state of mind that’s infectious, and it contributes to the overall good of a team. When you lead with a good attitude, others will follow, and you will positively affect the culture of your environment on the mats, and in everyday life.

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