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There's No Luck in BJJ According to Joe Rogan

There's No Luck in BJJ According to Joe Rogan


 BJJ success built on skill rather than luck

In this excerpt from The Joe Rogan Podcast, Joe sits down with author and philosopher Sam Harris and discusses each of their personal martial arts journeys.  As a youth, Joe Rogan took part in Tae Kwon Do and eventually became a state champion in Massachusetts.  It wasn't until he was exposed to BJJ and other martial arts when he began to recognize the limitations inherent in the various striking arts.  Though Tae Kwon Do training can lead to highly devasting kicks, it was weaker in the area of punching and had little or no answer to a fight that went to the ground.

Similarly for Sam Harris, who had spent some time training various martial arts, it wasn't until he had an opportunity to train with the legendary Chris Haueter who is a member of the elite group known as the Dirty Dozen, which were the first 12 American BJJ black belts, that he realized the true limitations of the knowledge he thought he held when it came to self defense.  These light bulb moments are fairly common for practitioners who may have been exposed to some other sort of martial art before getting to jiu jitsu.

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For Joe, who describes seeing the occasional mixed martial arts fight where an extremely high level striker finds themselves on the end of a lucky strike by someone who is not on the same level.  He says in jiu jitsu, there's no such thing as a "lucky triangle."  What do you think?  Do you feel luck plays any role in BJJ?

Check out the short excerpt from their podcast below for yourself.

For more from Chris Haueter, check out his Old School Efficient BJJ series where he teaches all the secrets that only a member of the Dirty Dozen would know!  You can get it here!




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