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New Craig Jones Documentary to be Released Soon

New Craig Jones Documentary to be Released Soon


The Story of the "Down Under Dog"

We love a great story. And Craig Jones certainly has provided us with one. A trailer for a new documentary about Craig’s rise has surfaced on the web. Put together by none other than Stuart Cooper, the trailer itself inspires and certainly creates some “feel good” anticipation for the coming feature.

Often times we see an athlete’s breakthrough, because it happens in the spot light, and seemingly overnight. But he build up to those break throughs happens behind the scenes. Its always inspiring to get an inside look at the humble beginnings of one of our favorite BJJ heroes.

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In a relatively short time Craig has managed to place himself atop the heap of some of the best practitioners in the BJJ community. As he has displayed many times over, his leg lock game has proved to rival that of the best in the world. His calm demeanor and respectful disposition towards his opponents, grouped with his incredible skillset, make him a figure that we wish to support. Celebrating the victories of a guy like Craig is easy for the BJJ world to do.

Stuart Cooper brings Craig Jones' story to life

In the trailer we get a quick glimpse of Craig’s beginnings, from himself and Coach Lachlan Giles. Craig speaks a bit about his first experiences competing on the bigger stages, and the avalanche of attention that followed.

The documentary will undoubtedly be a stunning visual experience as all of Stuart Coopers work is. We’re looking forward to knowing more about one of our favorite grapplers.

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Here’s the link to the trailer. Enjoy.

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