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Urijah Faber to Step into the Grappling Arena Against Some Heavy Hitters

Urijah Faber to Step into the Grappling Arena Against Some Heavy Hitters


California Kid Shows His Grappling Skills 

Urijah Faber hasn’t been on the inside of the cage in almost 2 years, but the 39-year-old MMA star will be returning to the grappling arena on October 5th for Quintet 3, in Las Vegas.

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 Have you heard of Quintet?

Quintet is a new grappling competition format developed by Josh Barnett and Kazushi Sakuraba. The inaugural event was held on April 11th, and has hosted some pretty big grappling names, such as Craig Jones, Geo Martinez, and Barnett and Sakuraba themselves. The format is a 5 on 5 submission-only competition with an interesting ruleset including open weight matches, a constriction on total team weight, and no heel hooks among a few other more common guidelines.

Faber Leads Team Alpha Male Members to Quintet

Faber’s team for Quintet 3 will include Team Alpha Male Coach and BJJ black belt, Dustin Akbari and TUF season 18 champ, Dustin Holdsworth. They will be going to battle with Quintet 1 champions, Team Polaris, which will include Craig Jones and Gregor Gracie. Also joining the fight will be Quintet 2 champions, Team 10th Planet, led by Geo Martinez and his brother Richie “Boogeyman” Martinez. Sakuraba and Barnett will be bringing a stacked team to the fold as well to round out the list.

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 The cage has been Faber’s proving ground for a long time, so It will be interesting to see him and his team take part in a grappling only format. One thing is for sure, he will have his hands full.

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