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Circle Pass by Eduardo Telles

Circle Pass by Eduardo Telles


Eduardo Telles is a black belt living legend.  Hailed as one of the most creative and unorthodox grapplers to ever step on the mats, his approach will have your opponents guessing because they've simply never been presented with the problems that Eduardo Telles has a way to present.  His style is completely one of a kind and incorporating his moves into your arsenal is going to give you an advantage at the academy or on the competition mats.

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Part of learning jiu jitsu is teaching our bodies and minds to react in more efficient ways.  Many of the techniques we learn over time seem counter intuitive until we practice them enough and they begin to become automatic reactions.  The first time you see Eduardo Telles' patented Turtle Guard and the techniques he's built from this position, your mind will be blown the same way it was the first time you ever stepped on the mats.  For example, his Turtle Guard is built on the premise that its not the end of the world that you expose your back to your opponent.  When was the last time you ever heard that?  I'll wait.

Check out this unorthodox pass taken from his new Turtle Guard Revisited Series from BJJ Fanatics.  Utilizing a knee on the belly position and step back ending in a smooth side control finish.  Watch the video below a few times.  There are some key details to absorb.

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Super cool way to pass the guard right?  Don't miss out on the key details that will have you making it look easy like Eduardo Telles in no time.  Make sure you are stepping to the side that you have lifted the leg the highest on.  This makes it easier to bring your knee in and prevents them from using the hook to thwart your pass.  

Make sure your butt and full weight land on their head and upper torso.  This will ensure that they don't go anywhere as you transition.  Probably the most important detail is to make sure that you base your hand out forward instead of behind you.  As Eduardo points out, placing your hand behind you for your base will make it more likely that your opponent will be able to come up and possibly reverse the position and achieve a dominant position.

Lastly, make sure you secure a strong side control position to make sure you don't end up reversed or stuck in a worse spot.  As you progress with this technique, also note that Eduardo says a triangle set up can materialize during this position.  All in all, a great move to add to your arsenal that we guarantee they haven't seen before.

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