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Make Your Snap Downs Smarter

Make Your Snap Downs Smarter


John Danaher has done it again.  The third series in the Enter the System collection has been released and this time it's focused on the complete Danaher Front Head Lock position.  Following up on the wildly successful Leg Locks and Back Attacks series, this one is guaranteed to make you better at these techniques, but also smarter at jiu jitsu.

In this short video excerpted from the Front Head Lock System, John Danaher explains the use of off balancing one's opponent using side to side snap down as a variation to the push/pull style snap down.

 Whether this is your first foray into the world of John Danaher or you're adding this series to your Enter the System collection, you will begin to absorb the philosophical underlying concepts that will change your approach to every technique you know or thought you know. 


BJJ Fanatics takes no responsibility for the possible side effect of wearing a rashguard outside of class.

Get your own copy of Front Head Locks:  Enter the System now and start strangling those friends and opponents.  You can get it here!










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