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Claudio Calasans & The Classic Hip Bump Sweep



It is 2017 and the Jiu Jitsu world is already preparing for some big tournaments to come. One man that closed out 2016 strong, was Atos black belt, Claudio Calasans. He was able to take home two more titles, those being the Asian Open and the South American Championship. Claudio is easily one of the strongest competitors in the 167lb and 181lb categories. His dominance comes from his varied skills as both a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and a Judo black belt. While he has a penchant for leg locks and wrist locks, his fundamental game is just as important. One of those techniques that he is a master of is the good ole hip bump sweep.  This is a technique you learn almost immediately as a white belt, though because of its effectiveness can be used all through the higher ranks. Let’s check out the hip bump sweep.

The hip bump sweep all starts from your closed guard. This is best when your opponent is posturing up, but isn’t able to control your core so that you are able to move freely. When you’re ready to hit the sweep, you need to open your guard. When that happens, you need to go right into the sweep, so that there is no pass attempt. Get up on your elbow and forearm, with that side hip pointing towards the ground. Start to get your far arm/armpit on the opponent’s opposite side shoulder. Spring up on your hand, and get all of your arm and chest over your opponent’s shoulder. Cup his elbow and blast forward with your far hip and leg. When done correctly, it is a smooth sweep that will put you right into the dominant mount position.  The hip bump sweep is a sweep that everybody should know how to do well. It is an essential sweep.

Out of all of the sweeps in BJJ, the hip bump is one should master (along with flower sweep and scissor sweep) before going into any other advanced sweeping technique. Claudio is a big fan of the closed guard. He never forgets that the closed guard is always a good place to go to fight an opponent. Claudio has released a DVD so aptly called “Giant Killing” which shows his favorite techniques to beat the bigger guys in competition. He has a whole DVD on closed guard techniques, with the hip bump being one of them.

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