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Jimmy Pedro’s Ouchi Gari Throw



As a BJJ practitioner, I am always looking to improve my takedown and throwing skills. While it isn’t easy, it is something that can be worked on and improved. While most people tend to learn Wrestling takedowns to add to their BJJ game, I am the opposite. I prefer to look towards Judo for my standing grappling skills. The foot work, the grips and the various throws and foot sweeps help out my game better. Being able to tie up and take an opponent down does feel great, so Judo provides that feeling. One of the people I look towards for incorporating Judo into my game is the legend, Jimmy Pedro. The Judo world champ and Olympic coach has some of the most crisp and clean takedowns of anyone. One of the takedowns that Jimmy really shows in an exceptional manner is the ouchi gari. Let’s take a look at how Jimmy does this awesome throw.

Jimmy starts the throw by showing what grip you should attain. First, he gets a grip up on the shoulder by grabbing the gi. With his other hand, he grabs the sleeve right above the elbow.  Before he goes any further, he makes his opponent feel heavy on the shoulder grab side. He pulls down on the shoulder to make his opponent put weight onto that same side leg. Next is the three part foot work. Stepping in with one leg, stepping behind with your other leg and then hooking your opponent’s leg with the leg you used to initially step in with.

Now it’s time to finish the throw. Drive forward with your body and put your head to the opposite side of the leg that you are hooking with. When you drive forward and hook lift with the hook, your opponent will go down. You can keep standing, and then try a standing pass. Or you can go down with your opponent and work to scramble around his guard. Though with this takedown, there is a decent chance you’ll end up in the closed guard of your opponent. If that does happen, start working to break the guard and pass. Either way, you will be awarded takedown points.

Judo is a great way to supplement your Jiu Jitsu. People forget that BJJ was born from old school Judo. Jimmy Pedro is one Judoka that can increase your success in the are of getting your opponent down to the ground. He understands the importance of the newaza game, so his throws flow into that. If you’re looking to get better at the standing grappling game, go check out Jimmy Pedro’s DVD set, The Judo Academy. It is a great resource for all takedowns and throws.

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