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The Hitchhiker Armbar Escape



For some reason, the majority of people do not like to practice submission escapes in Jiu Jitsu. Most people find it more fun to simply do offensive techniques and get their training partners to tap. But practicing submission escapes is essential for growth as a Jiu Jitsu competitor. Being able to defend submissions is something you will have to do sometime in your life. No one is perfect and every one gets tapped eventually. But you can lower the chance of getting submitted in a tournament by drilling and practicing the escapes in a live manner with pressure. One of the most important escapes you can learn in Jiu Jitsu is the hitchhiker escape. The hitchhiker is an armbar escape that will save your butt at least one time on the mats. Let’s take a look at this solid escape.

The hitchhiker is best used as an escape as a last resort. Meaning your preventive methods of stopping the armbar didn’t work and now you are in danger of being submitted. The first thing that you must do is turn your thumb down towards your opponent’s hip. That’s where it’s namesake comes from. Just like a hitchhiker on the side of the road. Turning your thumb down will prevent your opponent from easily submitting you with good technique. Now that you have your thumb turned down, you need to use your free hand to control the leg that is over your neck. You can control under over, it does not matter. Do what you feel is more comfortable for you.

The common mistake that most people make next is that they run their hips towards the opponent and try to throw their legs over the opponent’s head. That is incorrect and will most likely get you submitted. What you need to do is run your hips away from your opponent and roll over your opponent’s leg with your hips and legs. This will make sure you’re safe from the armbar. Depending on what your opponent does, you can take the back or achieve another dominant position.

Escapes can win championships. Being able to stave off your opponent’s offense with a great defense is how you can become a truly grand champion. Don’t ever forget that. Learn the escapes that you’ll need to stop any opponent from tapping you out. Bernardo Faria’s Escapes from Everywhere is a DVD set to study if you’re looking to amp up your defensive game.

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