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Kneebar From Half Bottom (IBJJF Legal)


IBJJF legal leg locks are becoming very popular. With the use of non legal leg locks in competitions such as EBI and Polaris, IBJFF competitors also are looking to add leg attacks to their games. But due to the stricter rules of the IBJJF, these leg attack techniques have to be modified to fit the rule set. Jose Varella, a GF Fight Team black belt is a teacher of these leg locks. Straight foot locks, calf slicers and kneebars are all allowed in these tournaments if done without reaping. The kneebar is one of the best leg attacks you can hit. It is legal and effective in any tournament, regardless of the rules and it happens to be one that Varella teaches frequently. Here is an IBJJF legal way of attacking with the kneebar from half guard bottom.

So your opponent is in your half guard and you’re playing from the bottom. Before trying this technique, you’ll need to create space. This cannot be done if your opponent is playing close and tight to you. So use your arms to frame and create space. For the sake of the leg attack, let’s say you are attacking your opponent’s right side leg. Use your right hand to under hook his right leg, while using your left hand to control his right hand. Bring your left leg across his stomach to his opposite hip, pull him forward with your controls and kick/sweep him forward with your left leg.

Once he is kicked forward, you need to fall to your left side. Make sure your opponent’s leg is trapped down on your left side, with his foot stuck between the mat and your neck. Lock up a rear naked choke grip and extend forward to finish the kneebar. This is a powerful attack that will surprise anyone. Especially because half guard is primarily a sweeping position.

Jose Varella knows the importance of these legal leg locks and you should too. Do yourself a solid and pick up his DVD, IBJJF Legal Footlocks. It will aide in your foot lock game!

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